Meet Battwoman and Her Amazing Batting


Meet LuAnn Farr in her own words…

Growing up with quilters and fabric gave LuAnn Farr a passion for creating high quality batting for the quilting industry. She has been the owner of Winline Textile Products, based out of Ogden, Utah, for the last 18 years.

The beginning…

After suffering a potentially serious health scare, LuAnn decided to make some changes in her life including leaving her corporate job to work for herself.

Following a conversation with her brother, a textile representative, she found the inspiration she needed. He commented that what was really needed in the fabric and quilting industry was a good quality quilt batting, and her life’s passion was realized. In late 2000, she started Winline Textile Products.

Inspired by that statement, LuAnn visited a number of quilt shops, longarm quilters, and friends asking the question “what are you looking for in a batting?” Responses poured in. People were looking for soft clean battings that had an even fiber distribution and didn’t fall apart when quilted or washed.

She accepted the challenge and started talking to manufacturers. Eventually, she found one in Houston making beautiful battings. They were willing to take a chance on a small boutique vendor and worked with Winline to create custom battings matching exacting specifications.

LuAnn hand picks the highest quality raw goods (bamboo, cotton, and wool) to ensure that the finished product is the finest available.

The first few years…

The first few years, she admits, were really hard. With all the popular brand name battings available, finding her niche in the market proved challenging. Quilters were dedicated to their favorite battings. Getting them to see how battings had improved with the newer technologies available today was a hard sell.

She fondly remembers one of her first successes. While delivering batting samples to all of the local quilt shops, she met with the owner of one of the most popular shops. After they talked, the owner told her to toss the samples in a pile on her desk and she’d get back to her. Two weeks passed. LuAnn was ready to giving up, when the owner called and asked her how fast she could deliver a roll of batting. The quilt shop had opened up a roll of a batting from a company they had used for years only to find globs of resin all over it. Now they had a rush quilt to complete and no batting! LuAnn sent her husband right out the door for delivery. About two hours later, the quilt shop called back apologizing for not considering her batting sooner – it was that fantastic!

LuAnn and her husband travel to quilt shows all over the United States and have their batting in hundreds of quilt stores. She has talked to thousands of people who have come to love her battings. She’s become a recognized expert in the batting industry and has presented her comprehensive ‘Batting 101’ class at a number of quilt shows, shop presentations and guild meetings. Many people even refer to her as the ‘Battwoman’.

“The batting actually determines the whole quilt. How long it will last, how it feels, if it will drape and feel soft — that all has to do with what’s on the inside.”
-LuAnn Farr

She has been married to her wonderful partner and husband, Don Farr, for 40 years. They have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. She loves boating, gardening, hiking, and of course quilting.

The latest products…

Winline Textiles is currently featuring our 6 oz batting products – a great weight for summer and fall quilts or wall hangings. We carry a beautiful 100% bamboo, 100% cotton, and an 80-20% blend in this light weight.

The Winline Difference…

At Winline, we know the value of a handmade quilt. We know the numbers of hours that go in to these beautiful creations. We understand the quilter and their needs just like we understand batting—from the inside out. And we know that high quality quilts deserve high quality battings. After all, batting is the unseen heart of every quilt. Our unique battings are manufactured in the USA with renewable products in a high-quality process that assures they will last as long as the quilts.

Our batting is the perfect foundation for heirloom quilts. Winline battings are high quality custom designed batts made with premium hand-selected fibers and state of the art techniques. Unlike most battings, our cotton products are made from long staple cotton without any kind of additives or chemicals. Our bamboo fibers come from certified organic and sustainable eco-friendly farms.

Our highest goal is quality. All of our Winline battings are woven on high-tech machinery here in the USA. They are needle punched with a scrim resulting in the durability and longevity that you need for a quilt. We understand that while the quilt top is the beauty, the batting is the character of any quilt, and we want that character to shine! Our battings minimize bearding, create a lovely drape, breath well, and offer a smooth quilting medium for any level of quilter.

For some people, quilting is a hobby, for us here at Winline, it is our life. We designed our battings to complement and enhance the design of any quilt or quilted project out there. We pride ourselves in providing an eco-friendly, locally made product, perfect for projects meant to last a lifetime—and even longer.

What others have to say about Winline Batting…

Have tried multiple battings (including other bamboo ones) and this batting is the best. Easy to work with and very light which is of value in larger quilts. – Sherry

My sister bought a 6-ounce bamboo batting for me to quilt one of her quilts. It is soft and luxurious and quilts like butter. It adds lovely loft, but not too much. You get good quilting definition. I told her I liked quilting with it so much, she bought a 96” roll and sent it to me to use on the rest of her quilts. It stays together well, too. It’s my new favorite! – Nancy

Absolutely love this batting! Great customer service. – Jane

We recommend Winline for two reasons… One, because there were no issues sewing the batting on various home and longarm machines. And two, because Winline produces batting without any kind of additives or chemicals… The bamboo fibers come from certified organic and sustainable eco-friendly farms. It’s also designed and woven in the USA. It feels good and it’s good for the environment – What’s not to love?! – A local fabric shop

At QuiltWeek…

Visit our booth at AQS QuiltWeek – Charleston, September 25-27, 2019.

Visit us online…

Winline Textile Products, LLC got its start because we listened to quilters. We saw a need for high quality, reasonably priced, and eco-friendly products, and we filled it. Whether it’s quilts, wall hangings, or any craft project that requires a soft and durable fill, Winline battings perfect all-round product. We also have our ‘tater’ micro baker filling which works great for microwaveable projects.

If you’d like to understand more about batting and how to choose the best batting for your projects, check out our Batting 101 tutorial available on our website.

You can order direct from us, or even pre-order and pick up your batting at any show we are attending throughout the country. Shipping to the lower 48 states is also free!

You can also reach us on our Facebook page here.


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Sherry A. Cook

How are your batts for hand quilting?

Mary Edith Robberson

how do you buy the quilt batting and how much is it

I met Battwoman (LuAnn) at while teaching at AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids last month. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and is willing to share. Quilts created with Winline Batting were light, drape-able and just plain felt good. I can’t wait to use the bamboo batting I purchased.