Have you ever found an old quilt that you just had to have, despite its condition? Something about that quilt just spoke to you, and you felt somehow connected with its  maker. This happened to Barbara M. Burnham when she saw an old, worn out, red-and-green Baltimore album-style quilt for sale and just had to own it.

Little was known about the quilt other than it came from an estate in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and that “M.E.C. 1848” was cross-stitched (using two threads of fabric) in the center of one of the blocks. Despite the water stains, paint drippings, and flaking fabric, Barbara was determined to give this quilt new life. With encouragement from her friends at the Baltimore Appliqué Society (where she is a charter member), she reproduced this very challenging quilt.

M.E.C. Remembered will be exhibited in the “Author’s Quilt Exhibit” at the 2013 American Quilter’s Society quilt shows, including Lancaster, March 13-16.

Sign up for Barbara’s appliqué classes during AQS QuiltWeek™- Lancaster 2013.
Click here to view her schedule at AQS QuiltWeek in Lancaster.

M.E.C. 1848
Barbara's Reproduction, "M.E.C. Remembered"
Despite the condition, Barbara was determined to give this quilt life.
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It is heart warming to know that people feel as I do, that old quilts should be resurrected, and preserved. I have repaired quilts which have been in friends’ families for years. So often members have said, “Oh! This ole thing?” Once I tell them about the possible history of the quilt, or something about the motifs used, they take new looks at what is really a treasure. Often times those old quilts had been thought of as nothing more than something to drape over furniture being moved to a new location. Whether simple, or complex, old quilts should be… Read more »

Ann Marie Oswalt

I, too have some old quilts. One that my grandmother made. It is very thin & delicate. I’m not sure what the block is called that she used. Another, was made by my great aunt. It looks like a wreath with leaves some green & some colored fabrics. I had to put a new binding on it. It is coming apart but I have great memories with that quilt. The third one is a lone star that my other grandmother had a lady make for me when I was about nine years old. It is gorgeous pinks of different shades.… Read more »