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I have been quilting since the revival of the craft in the early 1970’s. My sewing career began at the age of nine with my first project in 4-H — the common gathered apron. Although I dabbled in the usual crafts of the seventies and eighties, quilting continued to become more and more important to me. Eventually, other avenues of creative expression fell by the wayside and I became a full-fledged quilter.

My personal quilt journey has taken me from the familiar block pattern quilts to being my own designer. Today my quilts are more likely to have innovative techniques and include intricate piecing or experimental techniques. I make quilts because they just have to come out of my head to let me sleep! Most of my work is in the art classification rather than the bed-covering classification. I love pushing the envelope, using unconventional materials such as metals, paints, plastics, and fibers.

I began my longarm custom quilting busines in 1997 and am mostly self-taught. I have taught quilting classes of various kinds and enjoy presentations to local and regional guilds and other organizations. In 2003 I was privileged to speak to a group of teachers in the Czeck Republic. I also enjoy being a quilt judge at area fairs and shows. Over the years my quilts have received numerous awards including Best of Show.

My husband, Bill, and I live in a valley of the Rocky Mountains of western Montana, where I am active in guild, church, and community chorus activities. We have a son, Jason. He and his wife, Sierra, are the parents of our beautiful grandchildren, Zora Rose and Linden Rustle. I invite you to visit my website at

Click here to read about Peggy’s book from American Quilter’s Society, Create Your Own Dream Feathers.

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Yes we did need another book on Feathers. I had gotten to the point of making five prongs and coming back to the same point and then using that last prong as my stem but had only done it as a single motif. Now with your book I know what to do with that small step I had taken to a gigantic step. I don’t like drawing a beginning stem so your method is perfect for borders ans so pretty. And yes everyone even after years of doing feathers should read the basics of making a feather. I now understand… Read more »

I would like the pattern of Belle’s Star, it is a beauitful quilt. Do you have a pattern and where could I get it?. My e-mail is cfurevick Many thanks