Matching Game: Quilts & Quilters


Below are Semi-finalists from the AQS QuiltWeek – Fall Paducah contest. See if you can match the quilters to their quilts. Each row contains two quilts and two quilters’ descriptions. The descriptions match the quilts in their row.

  1. I love peanut butter.

2. My real job is personal assistant to five cats.

Quilt A

Quilt B

3. I am a retired physician.

4. I am currently living on a sailboat in Channel Islands Harbor with a studio space for quilting near downtown Ventura.

Quilt C

Quilt D

5. I like to quilt at 5 A.M.

6. I love to rescue poorly cared for orchid plants and nurse them back to health.

Quilt E

Quilt F

7. I did not teach my daughter to quilt. I am learning from her.

8. I was a scientist before becoming an attorney. 

Quilt G

Quilt H

9. I can twirl a mean baton!

10. I love to ride with my husband on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Quilt I

Quilt J

11. I live on a chocolate and vanilla farm on the Island of Hawaii. In addition to quilting, I also love surfing with my family.

12. I teach Acting and Costume Design for the theatre at a small liberal arts college.

Quilt K

Quilt L

13. I collect “Ole and Lena” jokes and I’m good at telling them.

14. When I’m rushing to meet a deadline, 80’s rock music is one of my go-to motivators.

15. I am a retired Police Officer from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Quilt M

Quilt O

Quilt N

Check your answers below.

Check your answers:

  • A2
  • B1
  • C3
  • D4
  • E5
  • F6
  • G8
  • H7
  • I9
  • J10
  • K11
  • L12
  • M14
  • N15
  • O13


Tell us how many you guessed right in the comments below.


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Colleen O'Leary

Only 11… Some we’re tough lol the scientist attorney grouping I felt was the toughest

Patricia H. Williams

I guessed nine correctly.


From the clues in the quilt, I matched 11 correctly. I don’t know any “Ooe and Lena” jokes, so that caused me to miss 2 of the last three!

Susan R.

10 right. I thought the last 5 were the hardest. They’re the ones I missed.

Debbie end

I got 13 correct. Mixed up M & O. This was an interesting into quilters’ backgrounds.


Only got nine right.


I got 9 correct


5 out of 15 right! Fun quiz, but now I know I am not a good quilt/quilter analyst!

I missed one!


Managed 6 correct. Never do good on these types of matching. My brain doesn’t work like others!!!

Know someone that “collect “Ole and Lena” jokes and I’m good at telling them” but I can’t imagine that is her quilt???? Chris


10 correct, if I had trusted my gut instinct I would have got them all but I over thought the last 5. Great fun!


The chocolate and vanilla hot me, it seemed to obvious.

Only got 6. I’m not so great at these matching games. But they are fun 🙂