March Show & Tell: Connect with Quilters All Over the World


Take a look at the amazing quilts from our show and tell Facebook group, Project Parade. These incredible artists created medallion quilts. 

Be part of the fun and join us on our Project Parade Facebook group. We love to see what you are up to! 

Learn more about the Quilt 2018 Project. Next week the new quilting style will be announced.

Zuladawn Hall shares her progress on her medallion quilt. She made a 3D Iris center in honor of her mother. She includes pictures from her design process too.

Virginia Peterson shares her original medallion quilt.

Lee Andrews shares her medallion quilt, “Here’s my latest quilt. It is crib size and was made for a very special girl as a gift for her birth.”

Take a look at all the Countdown to Paducah 2018 Blocks!

Be part of the fun and join us on our Project Parade Facebook group. We love to see what you are up to! 

Join the Countdown to Paducah 2018!

Carol Friedman is taking it “one block at a time…”

Angelica Salazar shares Block 1.

Carolyn Hammond shares her first 12 blocks.

Jenni Burger shares, “Making progress – couldn’t wait to see what it was going to look like with sashing and my border fabric. Blocks 3 an 4. Binding will be the dark teal.”

Jenni Burger shares, “First four joined. Thank goodness for fridge magnets…”

Gay Smith shares Blocks 1-5!

Leslie Schumacher shares her Block 1.

Kathleen Conway shares, “Thank you for such cute, lovely, clever blocks. Each block would make a lovely one-block whole quilt like the Amish neighbors of mine often do.”

Kathleen Conway shares her Block 11.

Perakne Klara shares her Block 10.

Cari Cahoon shares her Block 1 and 2.

Kathleen Conway shares, “Using starch instead of team is working much better.”

Stephanie Mote shares her Blocks 6 and 7.

Kathleen Conway got a Block 6 finished up before heading off to AQS Lancaster!

Stephanie Mote shares, “Debated on putting purple in this one as I only use fabric in my stash and I wanted one color for the pop in the blocks. It turned out ok and we have POINTS!”

Perakne Klara share her Block 9.

Stephanie Mote shares Blocks 5 and 8.

Kathleen Conway shares her Block 3.

Perakne Klara shares her Block 7.

Kathleen Conway shares her Block 2.

Stephanie Mote shares her Block 1.

Stephanie Mote shares her Block 2.

Irina Kosova shares her Blocks 1 and 2.

Latest Projects

Be part of the fun and join us on our Project Parade Facebook group. We love to see what you are up to! 

Sue Hickman celebrated National Quilting Day by finishing up FOUR-INCH FIVE-SQUARED the day before. Visit her website to read the story of the quilt.

Carolyn Di Perri shares, “I designed LOVIE LAP QUILT with pockets after visiting my grandmother in the nursing home. She would sit on her hands because they were always cold. The quilt has two pockets, one through pocket to keep your hands warm and the second for small items. My grandmother put tissues and chapstick in that pocket. Both the pockets, as well as the back of the the quilt are lined in flannel, making the quilt soft and warm. Thank you for letting me share my design.”

Brit Eddy shares her sample as she prepares to make Tumbling Blocks with her granddaughter.

Paula Slater shares her Pi Day project

David Peter shares his DISAPPEARING PINWHEEL TWIST from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Twila Smoker shares her latest project that was featured in the Bernina booth at AQS QuiltWeek – Lancaster.

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where do you get the pattern for the lap quilt with pockets