Making One of a Kind Landscape Quilts


Pe46-lawler-summeraceful skies of blue and pink wisping over the lapping waters; a vision to relax the body and clear the mind. Landscape quilts are one of a kind works of art depicting nature scenes of all kinds. Often time, landscape quilts utilize artful techniques to create the colors and textures of nature. Mickey Lawler has been involved in quiltmaking since 1968 and is known for her paintings of impressionistic skies, water, and other landscape elements on fabric – perfect for making a one of a kind landscape quilt.


Mickey uses transparent paints and creative techniques to make textures. Her style of painting is easy to pick up and feels like playing. With emphasis on collaboration with the medium rather than mastering over it, you learn to listen to the paints as they work and will welcome the unexpected results. Take a look…


Here is another technique Mickey uses to take one fabric and create two:


These techniques are the tip of the iceberg. Join Mickey in her serene world of nature painting and let the wind whisper to your imagination. With one of a kind fabrics, made by your hand, your landscape quilts will not only be unique but uniquely yours. 

Take a look at Mickey’s online iquilt class, Creative Fabric Painting for Landscapes

Visit iquilt to learn more

iquilt class page

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Betty Frezon

Loved seeing Mickey Lawler. Remember her from Vermont years ago.

Rosemary Beeler

Very good course, I enjoyed it and can’t wait to get started. I need to purchase the paints yet.

Kirklynn Conyers

Actually a question. I really want to learn this technique, and am thrilled to find just what I want to learn, however never taking a online class before. Is this downloaded to my email address after payment and I then can review it several times or is it a one shot only to absorb the information? I am assuming once emailed to me I can review as needed. Before I sign up can you address this question? Also does this instructor have a manual or book that I may purchase as well? Thank you, AQS member, Kirklynn Conyers 95687CONY000-10/03/17

Hi Kirklynn. Once you purchase an class, it is yours for your lifetime. You can watch it right away or watch it later. You can watch it over and over. It’s yours. You will need a high-speed internet connection so you can watch your class from any computer or mobile device; this includes your desktop. If you attempt to play your class with a slow internet connection, you will experience buffering. iquilt is a streaming video platform. All classes are kept on a central server and once purchased, you access your class by signing in the the site.… Read more »