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Holloway’s Country Home

Holloway 31

Nestled in the foothills of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, Holloway’s Country Home is making so much more than beautiful quilts. There, Maria Holloway and her team of talented quilters are using FabricMaker to help create memories that will last for generations.

Maria Holloway

Memory quilts have long been a staple of creative quilting. What started as a craft that solely used color, patterns, and ornamentation to commemorate special moments in time, memory quilting now makes use of digital photos and artwork imprinted into individual swatches of fabric.

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Though quilters have been using digitally printed fabrics in their memory and art quilts for years, the quality and usability of the prints vary greatly. Common challenges include not being able to wash digitally printed fabrics; a stiff, rough texture; and depth of color. Holloway was no stranger to these challenges with her own quilts.

Holloway 3

“I tried every kind of special fabric with an ink jet printer,” she said.”I was not satisfied with any product I could find. I ended up having others print some of my work, and even then was not completely happy with how the fabrics felt or washability. Then I discovered FabricMaker.”

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Holloway uses her FabricMaker system to create wall hangings, lap quilts, pillows, and more, using photos provided by customers and ones from their own stock of artwork. She also sells custom­ printed swatches for specific projects, quilt kits that include local artwork printed on fabric, and stand­-alone images in fabric that can be incorporated into just about any quilt.

“Many people want to create lasting memories for their family and friends,” Holloway said. “What better way than preserving their precious moments with pictures incorporated onto a quilt that can be handed down for generations?”


FabricMaker’s deep, rich colors, soft hand, and washability on 100% cotton quilt­ weight fabric sheets are just a few of the reasons Holloway is a fan of the system. She has also found that her business is growing thanks to the products she creates, the classes she runs, and the opportunities she has found to introduce others to digital fabric prints.

Holloway 14

“Folks come to the shop with their pictures, and while discussing their needs we introduce them to the possibility of becoming a quilter,” Holloway said. “That enables us to sell fabric, notions and other essentials that all quilters must have.”

Holloway 29

Holloway said that her clients are consistently pleased with the end products her team creates with FabricMaker, as is she.

“Anyone who is looking to integrate custom images or artwork into their quilts would benefit from FabricMaker,” she said. “You can create so many lasting memories.”

To see more of Holloway’s beautiful quilt work, visit To learn more about creating your own digitally printed fabrics with FabricMaker, visit

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Sherry Rubinsak

I’ve known Maria Holloway for years. Her creativity continues to inspire all who meet her. Great job Maria! Enjoyed reading the article.


This was very interesting to me…. I made a memory quilt for my mother in law about 18 years ago, long before these new improved techniques…. I would love to do something with flower pictures that I have taken….you have inspired me…warm regards, Sharon, Minnesota…