Make a UFO BFF


Are you buried under a pile of UFOs? Make a UFO BFF!

U.F.O. – A term of endearment quilters use to describe the ever-expanding pile of projects awaiting the perfect fabric, inspiration, time, alignment of the planets, or whatever stands in the way of the finish line. The acronym stands for UnFinished Objects. 

B.F.F. – The person that shows up at your house when everything is out of order because you are buried in your latest project, takes one look around and grabs a swatch of fabric off your cutting table saying, “I love this new fabric!” aka Your Partner in Crime. The acronym stands for Best Friend Forever.

Making a UFO BFF – 

Step One: Propose the idea of creating support partners to encourage each other to finish up lingering projects at the next gathering of your quilting friends. If you have someone in mind, give them a call. Tell them you have an adventure of a lifetime for them and they can’t say no!

Step Two: Sort through all your projects pending completion. Pick the one you are least likely to ever touch again. If you can’t pick one, select a couple so there is something to choose from. Have your friend do same.

Step Three: Get together and exchange projects. Pass along any words of encouragement and requests you may have for the finished project. Try to keep the requests to a minimum, you never know what a fresh set of eyes on a project will dream up!

Step Four: Complete the New-To-You project. Your UFO BFF will do the same.

Step Five: Get together and show off the results!

With the worst project possible out of the way, you are both free to face the year with renewed energy to complete more UFOs!

Do you have more ideas of fun activities to do with you UFO BFF? Share them in the comments below!

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Leticia Wong Ley

I made little blocks that never completed anything so I i back it like a little pincushion or a small pillow closed the opening then appliqué to a tote bag , and a little block gone to embellish a new proyecto.

Jo Ann J

Not exactly the same, but our Guild created a UFO Challenge. We’ve had 27 members sign up to complete some of their UFOs, many submitted multiple projects. Members submitted photos of the project’s current state along with “date started” and “what prevented completion.” For extra incentive, entrants also pledged a donation to one of our Guild’s charities if they didn’t complete their project(s). We gave them 6 months for completion. Some have already shared their completed projects but our big group reveal will be in March. Enthusiasm has remained high and we’re looking forward to seeing many completed projects and… Read more »

Lil Koster

Was I surprised to see my name appear in the third of the “related articles” following this blog post! I followed the link to read that article, posted in December, 2009, and I have to admit that 8 years later, I still haven’t finished my wedding quilt. And I have even more UFOs, thanks to distractions including modern quilts, new tools and techniques, workshops and inspiration from many quilting blogs. Although my guild discontinued the UFO challenge at our quilt shows, some of us have occasionally swapped UFOs and completed them, then donating the finished items for sale at our… Read more »


I have made a number of blocks that never got in a quilt. Our church ladies knit and crochet prayer shawls so I have made a number of quilted shawls and have even ventured into flannel for the men.