Linda Hahn’s Hot Cinnamon Rolls



Get your supplies together and create treat for the whole family! Enjoy Linda Hahn’s Hot Cinnamon Rolls – perfect for every occasion!



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When i was a kid (well over 50 years ago) my mother made these out of her leftover pie crust dough. I think she got the idea from her mother. My family still makes them out of left over pie crust dough. In fact, we make extra dough just so that we have a lot of leftover dough to make the cinnamon curls.


Thank you for sharing your recipe for cinnamon rolls. :-),


Linda… there must be some French Canadian in your background. In the old communities your treat is known as Pete des Souers which translates as Nun’s Farts. Trditional around xmas.


I’m with Larry, although my dad used to make these with the leftover pie crust. Nowadays, I use Mrs. Callendar’s pie crust or Pillsbury ready pie crust. in fact, I just made these last week. Easy peasy Yummy!


Yum! I can practically smell them baking!


Yum! You can do this with flour tortillas too! A bit different but still awesome. Another tortilla variations is to leave them flat and bake until puffy and crisp! Called Crispys here in South Texas where I live.

Mom made them from leftover crust and we called them “Roly Poly” treats.


How long do I bake them and at what temperature?

Hi Karen. I believe step 7 says to bake at 350 until the crust is slightly brown – the inside will be squishy, the outside flaky. I hope this helps. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager