Let Your Label Sparkle!


close upLet your quilt label sparkle!

Thanks to Quilter’s Express for this beautiful project. You can find Swarovski crystals at quiltersexpress.com!


Find an image and/or the words you want to use on your quilt label.

Use your favorite software program to size and position images and words exactly where you want them.

Print out the label(s) onto your preferred printable fabric.

layout of label

OR Use a pre-printed label.

NOW you can start the fun!

Tools required:

Hotfix tool – Quilter’s Express uses the ‘BeJeweler Pro’ which was developed with Swarovski to use with Swarovski products. It is ergonomically designed.


Tweezers – It’s best to use extra-long tweezers. They are more comfortable to use than shorter ones.

tweezers 5

Swarovski Hotfix Crystals – Use various colors of Swarovski 3mm/10ss Hotfix crystals.

3mm stones 1

Let’s get sparkly!

1. Let your tool heat to the appropriate temperature, between 2 and 5 minutes.

close up2. Choose the crystals and lay them out on the label without attaching them. This allows you to move them around until you have the layout that you like.

3. When you are happy with the layout, attach the crystals.

after - last

Attaching Crystals:

For the 3mm/10ss crystals, Quilter’s Express uses the 4mm flat tip attached to the Hotfix tool. For this size crystal, the flat tip is easier to use. Place the crystal in its position with the tweezers, then hold the crystal in place with the Hotfix tool for about 10 seconds.

If using larger Hotfix crystals, such as 4mm/16ss or 5mm/20ss, it’s better to use the 18mm cluster tip. The larger crystals need more heat time, up to about 15-20 seconds. You can also use the appropriately sized divot tips that come with your tool.

plus larger 4

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