Let ‘er Rip! Unsewing Tip


Have you ever sewn a seam wrong? Me either 😉

When the day comes that you make a mistake, you will need to take those stitches out. For this reason, unsewing is almost as common as sewing.

Here is a great tip to get you back to sewing in no time without the need to pick at little stray threads:

  • First, separate the tails.
  • Next, rip out a stitch about an inch in on the bobbin side of the project (the side where you can see the bobbin thread). If you aren’t sure which side this is, take a guess.
  • Pull the tail of the side you snipped the stitch on.
  • Flip the project over and free the inch tail from where the stitches were removed.
  • Rip a stitch out about an inch in on the same side as the tail.
  • Pull the tail of the side you snipped the stitch on.
  • Flip the project over and repeat until your stitching is gone.

Note: Depending on the thread used, size and tension of stitches and type of fabric, you can remove several inches of stitches at a time.


My Favorite Seam Ripper is the White Clover model I’m using in the clip:


You can get one of your own here!

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judith clarke

This is the same method I figured out during my years of sewing. It is not messy and goes quickly.

Jane cotter

I am sure this is a great idea, and I would love to use it, and but the video is just a group of fast moving photos. It is impossible to see the technique. Any chance you could post a video that moves like real time? Thanks jane

Gayle Kush

That Clover ripper is the best there is. Great point at the end and a sharp, thin blade that stays sharp forever. Sadly I have more than one…

Jaunita Shepard

The video moves too fast to even see what they are doing. I read the directions, but would like to actually see the process.


I agree with Jane and Juanita ~ the video is difficult to follow it moves too fast.


I agree with using the Clover ripper, but my method is even faster…I place it between the fabric, tipped side down, then just push through the stitching while holding the fabric, making sure not to rip the fabric. Voila!

That’s my favorite way to seam rip Betsey! 🙂