Learn Longarm Quilting from the Experts!


Longarm quilting can be a challenge, but Gina Perkes and Judy Woodworth are ready to help you execute your dream quilt! Achieve design success and make your quilting the best it can be with these books from AQS Publishing.

 Tips Longarm
Tips for Longarm Quilting
Gina Perkes

Gina Perkes takes on the challenges of longarm quilting in her new book, Tips for Longarm Quilting, and shares her great solutions. Like a good friend looking over your shoulder and giving you words of wisdom BEFORE the problem happens, Gina speaks from experience, saving you hours of frustration.

Learn about:

  • Setting Up
  • Ergonomics
  • Design Success
  • Catastrophe Avoiders
  • Tips for Frugal Minded Quilter
  • Maintenance
  • Unexpected Tools
  • Troubleshooting Thread Breakage
  • Thread and Tension

With help for everything from squaring up to overcoming the death grip, this book is an incredible resource for any longarm quilter.


Art of Quilting

The Art of Quilting
Machine Techniques & Designs
Judy Woodworth

Don’t be intimidated by quilt design! Let Judy guide you through the art world with a quilter’s eye. Quick to share the lessons she’s learned the hard way, Judy’s encouraging attitude relaxes and eases you into critical art concepts. You will never look at quilts the same way again. From the first concept to the last stitch, this book equips and inspires the quilter to create.

After explaining the art principles and elements, she takes you on a guided tour of her design and quilting process. With loads of pictures and detailed descriptions, you feel like you are sitting down with Judy, getting to know her and her passion. The excitement is contagious!

The book is chock-full of great information! The chapter covering practical advice on quilting for the longarm or home sewing machine covers :

  • Physical environment
  • Preparation
  • Machine
  • Thread
  • Backing/Batting
  • Finishing
  • Developing the Quilt
  • Technique
  • Quilting

…and that’s only one chapter!

In addition, Judy walks you step by step through the freemotion process and outlines many designs and how to build them. And if that’s not enough, she even includes 25 quilt design patterns including the 1/8, 1/4 and full design. This book is a huge creative boost and full of inspiration.

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