Keeping Your Bobbin Area Clean – Video


We all know it’s important to keep our sewing machine clean.  In this video,  Nancy Fiedler, an educator with Janome America, will show you the simple, yet important steps to keeping your bobbin area clean. In just a few easy to do  steps she demonstrates how to clean your bobbin area after every project.

Nancy is also the AQS author of Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine and More Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine.

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Thank you good advice!

I like to use a new q-tip each time I clean out the bobbin area. Its better than a brush because the lint clings to it and gets lifted up and out without effort. Also, I find I get alot of lint around & behind the bobbin area. I just stick the q-tip down and bring up all kinds of interesting bits. Its magic!


even better to clean-out bobbin case area is a pipe cleaner! Lint stickes to it and you can reach deep into the underside of the case area, the more lint removal the better.

Jo Anne

Also, don’t forget to look at the backside of the needle plate for additional fuzz and crud!

Cecelia Mercer

Jo Anne, I’ve heard a story about a lady who asked the members of a yahoo group how to clean the little gray mat that was under her throat plate. No one could answer her question. Then one member had her remove this little mat from the throat plate and she discovered that it was just packed lint that had built up over time since she had never before cleaned that part of her machine.