judith-ryanJudith Ryan recently sent a letter to AQS expressing her delight at winning First Prize in the 2016 Quilters Grand Giveaway, a trip to AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah. Less than a year ago, Judy was diagnosed with cancer. The mastectomy and chemotherapy that followed were incredibly draining. Then, radiation became a regular part of her life from January to March. In February, Judy’s daughter convinced her to go to AQS QuiltWeek in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Judy said that the dark clouds began to lift at that point.

“We had a great time at the Daytona show. So many beautiful quilts to see and so many drawings to enter! I was tired by the end of the afternoon; however, my very healthy daughter was just as tired as me! We lugged all of our purchases to the car and talked all the way home about the projects we were going to begin (and finish). This was the first time in many months that we could see an end to my treatments and the opportunity for our lives to get back to the way they were before. It was a very happy day for us.”

In March, when Judy received a call from AQS telling her that she won First Prize in the Grand Giveaway, she was thrilled to say yes to an all-expenses-paid trip to QuiltWeek in Paducah in April. She immediately told everyone who knew of her love for quilting the great news. Her friends knew that it was the very best thing that had happened to her in a long time.

Judith is especially thankful for the diagnosis that she received just one day before she and a friend left Florida for Paducah. Her oncologist said that she was cancer free!

Judith says “your gift could not have come at a better time or to a more appreciative recipient. The show was glorious, the quilts were magnificent, the people were wonderful, and the experience was unforgettable!”

It was a treat for AQS to host Judy and her friend Alice this year at AQS QuiltWeek. Judy, who loves it all: the fabrics, the process, the art, and the sisterhood of quilting, has already booked a room for next year’s Paducah AQS QuiltWeek. If you see her, be sure to tell her “hello”!



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Cheryl moschan

Melts my heart to hear such awesome news congratulations Judith Ryan may your best year yet to come. Cheryl

Darlene Payne

What a wonderful story. I was diagnosed with cancer too and is currently going through treatments. When it is all said and done I pray to return back to sewing. I really want to try my hand at quilting. I am excited about the future.

Ruth Ann

Wishing and praying for your return to sewing just like Judy!


Great story! Judy – glad to hear you’re cancer free. Hope you enjoy many more quilt shows.


A heartwarming story. Congratulations to Judith, first for now being cancer free, and secondly winning a wonderful prize.