January Doodle Challenge Doodles


At the end of last year we introduced the 365 Day Doodle Challenge with a fun twist. The only rule is you must keep your pen on the paper. We provided the daily word prompt to start the imagination going, you provided the paper, pen, and movement to create the design.

Due to overwhelming response, we offer a sampling of our own wonky continuous line doodles for your inspiration. These are freehand playful doodles so you can see that it is as simple as setting your pen down and moving. Sometimes an image comes to mind sometimes it’s a concept the pen figures out as it goes.


What to play? Here is the link to the 365 Day Doodle Challenge PDF. It is a list of 365 words – that’s it. 

Here’s a blank page like the one we doodled on. 

To complete my page, I wrote the word in the square, put my pen to the paper and started doodling. No great works of art here! But it was lots of fun and I even cracked myself up a couple times.

I walked away with a couple pretty solid ideas.

Exception square is a neat idea I can meander or stipple with the random triangle thrown in. That might make a nice visual break. It could be fun large or micro. I’d be willing to sit at the machine and play with that one. 

Upside Down square was my favorite. I’ve never thought of creating arrows like that, it would be a fun all-over design with the arrows as big as my hand and pointing in all different directions. 

Crafty square is a great example of something that looked so cool in my head – a polka dotted polka dot, but executed poorly.

Gummy square was supposed to look like gum stuck to a shoe, I thought that would be a great texture line, but it didn’t translate. I clearly haven’t stepped in gum recently enough to do a decent depiction. 

Bones square has potential. I don’t know why I thought of fish bones but it could be fun to play with and work out. It needs a head. I’m hungry…I must have ate it.

Hopefully you can see from these examples, sometimes you end up with silly doodles, but sometimes you come away with something with real possibility.

Give it a try. And when you do share it! On Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you can type #AQSdoodles in your post with your uploaded doodle and others can search to find your doodles.

I look forward to a year of doodles with you!

– Betsey


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Looks like fun. Looking forward to trying


Betsy, I left a comment yesterday, but can’t find any of those comments now. There were quite a few. Just to summarize, I think this will be fun and expand my brain. Printed all pages out and would like to share with my quilt friends. Is that OK with you as long as I mentioned you and AQS as the source? Thanks for coming up with this idea. Debby