It’s Hoffman Challenge Time!


It’s time to get ready for the 2014 Hoffman Challenge! Here’s this year’s challenge fabric:

It’s a fabric so full of color and so varied in appearance, no wonder it was chosen for the 2014 Hoffman Challenge! Large, bright stylized flower designs in every color of the rainbow bloom over a background of line-drawn blossoms on deep indigo. Large bright floral motifs share the space–and just when you least expect it, you’ll notice smaller realistic florets and butterflies. It’s an explosion of color and a floral fantasy in 100% cotton!

Click HERE to purchase this year’s Hoffman Challenge fabric. It’s an intriguing design, even if you don’t choose to enter!

If you’re not familiar with the Hoffman Challenge, it’s your opportunity to use those super-creative skills (Do you keep them hidden away? Set them free!) in designing, cutting, and stitching. Use this fabric, combine it with others of your choice, and make it look, well, SO good and SO different that it will win a prize!

There are a few ‘musts’: you must use a recognizable amount of the Challenge fabric. Your quilt, clothing item, accessory, or doll must be created within the rules found HERE.

The Hoffman Challenge, started in 1988 with 94 entries, has grown so large that 12 separate exhibits now travel across the U.S. and Canada. Some years, the number of entries exceeds 700! There are three quilt categories (pieced, appliqué and mixed technique) and new categories including clothing/wearable art, accessories, and dolls.

For the complete list of categories and prizes, click HERE.

Although use of Sulky thread is not a prerequisite for the competition, Sulky is a co-sponsor of the challenge, and offers a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place “Best Use of Sulky” awards.

Interested in entering? A link to the online entry form and more information about the Hoffman Challenge can be found HERE.

And here’s our quick LINK to the Hoffman Challenge fabric, so you can get started right away!

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I would like to buy the Hoffman challenge fabric but would like to know when it will be available again. We will not be home after Dec. 14th and would like to receive it before then. Is that possible? Thank you.

Christa, I checked with our sales director and she said that the fabric is not expected to arrive in our warehouse until Mid to late December and will then be available until we run out. I hope you will be able to work around this. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Administrator

I am so excited to receive this fabric. I wish I could see a large photo of the fabric to see the repeat. I am designing but at a standstill. Is there a larger photo of this fabric available online anywhere…

Sally, We do not have a larger photo showing the repeat. Here is part of the description and I hope it will help you, “…bright stylized flower designs (up to 5″ in diameter) in every color of the rainbow, bloom all over a background of line-drawn blossoms on deep indigo. Large single-color floral motifs (4″ to 4½” long) share the space, and just when you least expect it, you’ll notice the realistic florets with widths spanning nearly 6″ and butterflies, averaging 1” – 1½” wide. This fabric has a 23¾” repeat.” You can contact Suzan Ellis our Sales Director if… Read more »


I tried to order, and the challenge is advertised as there is no fabric to be had…I believe I wasn’t notified about backorder until my shopping was finished. I went back and tried to order a second time. The fabric went into my cart, no backorder notice.
What’s the backorder story please?

Deborah, I asked our Sales Director, Suzan Ellis, and she said that the fabric is in and that maybe your order overlapped with when they were entering the shipment into our inventory. Please try your order again and if you have any more trouble, call our toll free number and the ladies will be happy to help you (1-800-626-5420). Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrative Assistant.