Is it a quilt or is it art?


Take a look…is it a quilt or is it art?


Looks like a Log Cabin Quilt, right? What about this one…

Here’s one mixing things up a little…


And another…

And another…

We could keep going and going thanks to Luke Haynes and his little collection of 50 Log Cabins known as, The Log Cabins of Donald Judd. Of course, this begs the question: Who is Donald Judd? And there is where our journey begins. Donald Judd, the minimalist artist, created an installation called, “100 untitled works in mill aluminum, 1982-1986”, made up of 100 shiny aluminum boxes all the same size. This so inspired Luke that he began sewing and sewing and sewing until there were fifty 90″ x 90″ log cabin quilts.

Meet Luke Haynes…

Make that 50 quilts and one shirt!

Luke makes quilts, quilts like Grandma did, from old clothes and bits of discarded fabric, any fabric (he’s not as picky as Grandma). If Luke showed up at the Barefoot Quilt Guild meeting to work on Elsie’s latest butterfly quilt, he’d fit right in.

But Luke isn’t just in it for the quilts, he wants to change your space, alter your reality, and give you a breathtaking experience.

His artistic goal reads as follows:

“To blur the distinction between function and art and alter the way objects and space are perceived.”

Using quilts.

In true architect fashion, he sculpts space with quilts. Whether it’s his first project that weighed in at 7 feet tall by 10 feet wide or the mammoth effort of 50 quilts, Luke asks you to experience quilts in a whole new way – which is exciting!

You can learn more about about Luke Haynes at Be sure to check out his blog and read about his creative journeys.

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hi my name is Dave Hind and I am the benevolent dictator of the Aluminum Quilting Society….I was thrilled this morning to find the AQS….but a whole other one then I am used to….what does your S stand for?