Looking for ideas for quilting our first big block? Here are two ideas for quilting Leaf Pile. One focuses on straight stitching while the other offers a meandering swirl for freemotion quilters to play with.

Take a look:


Here is Leaf Pile with straight quilting every 1″. 

A few tips to get you started:

  • Start with the diagonal lines going from corner to corner and meeting in the center. Then quilt the long lines that follow a seam (ditch) from one side of the quilt to the other. This will help stabilize the quilt.
  • Use repositionable tape to mark the 1″ lines.
  • Sew ever other line in one color and come back with a different color to fill in the lines in the gap. A metallic would be striking!


Take a look at another way to quilt Leaf Pile:


Here is Leaf Pile with a continuous line quilt design. Those gusts of wind sure do scatter the leaves!

Take a look at the pattern and practice backtracking to pick up all the swirls.


This sample is a tile, but the idea is basic and can be used to meander over any size area. This pattern also lends itself to covering large areas quickly.

Download Leaf’s quilt designs here.

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