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Meet Cindy Garcia.

Her quilt, GOD’S GREATEST GIFT TO ME WAS DAD, took home the first place prize in the Small Wall Quilts: Pictorial Category sponsored by Horn of America at AQS QuiltWeek™ – Paducah, Kentucky 2013.

Her father, pictured in this award-winning piece, was the talk of Quilt City USA® this April. Viewers were impressed with the realism and detail Cindy managed to create in this piece. AQS’s Andrea Fowler Ray chatted with Cindy during the event to get the inside scoop on the story and the techniques behind this winner.

Honoring her father

Cindy created this quilt to honor her father after his passing. She cherished his gifts to her throughout his life—always a source of strength, support, and love. For the last five years of his life, the tables were turned and he came to live with Cindy and her family.

Of the many pictures honoring his life at the funeral, one held special importance to Cindy. On the urging of her daughter followed by a year of self-doubt, Cindy finally decided to make a quilt of that photograph.

And the results were amazing!

As she cherished him in life, her quilt helped her to continue that connection with him after his passing. Most touching, Cindy tells us how thrilled he would have been with so many ladies admiring him at the show. With more than 30,000 attendees, that’s a lot of admiration!

Detail in the Jeans

From a distance, the quilt looks almost identical to the picture on which it is based. Of the many elements that caught the eye of the visitors, the jeans were a big conversation point. “They look so real!”, “The detail is perfect.”, and “How did she do it?” were all common comments.

Cindy gives us a step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect jeans in a quilt. Here’s how she did it.

  1. Buy a pair of jeans with the style you want
  2. Deconstruct them down to a single layer of fabric
  3. Cut the fabric to “fit”
  4. Sew together to place within the quilt

Time to get shopping for jeans!

Loving Stitches

Any artist feels a connection with their work, especially when working with a subject of deep importance. Imagine the deep emotions and appreciation Cindy must have felt while stitching the fine detail to recreate her father. The love is evident in the fine detail of his hair, embellished with thread painting to add depth and movement.

Cindy used a Marilyn Belford technique, starting with the photograph, then building his face piece by piece.

Here’s another example of Marylin Belford’s technique

There’s so much depth in this quilt itself and an amazing story behind it. View the video below to hear from Cindy herself.

Congratulations Cindy!

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