Inspired by Best of Show 1993: Crazy


In celebration of our 35th Anniversary, we are taking a look back at the 35 Best of Show winners from Spring Paducah. Looking at these beautiful quilts inspired us to design quilts in the spirit of each winner. This week features a quilt called Crazy.

The Best of Show winner for 1993 was AIR SHOW by Jonathan Shannon.

Jonathan Shannon creates lift with his incredible pieced gradient background. Pushing the airplanes high into the sky, his Crazy Quilt blocks toss the eye this way and that, doing all the work.

There are so many wonderful elements to this quilt. From the charming Pinwheel block variations in the border to the Mariner’s Compass frame in the center, Jonathan used several design elements to capture the spirit of flight. But I keep returning to the background blocks. The color subtly shifts from dark to light, from blue to pale pink, dancing along in geometric fashion.

I chose the background for my inspiration. Creating three different foundation pieced blocks, I rotated them throughout the quilt and colored them in a range of values from the same color. It would be fun to play with colors and washing them from one part of the quilt to another for a more subtle effect.

What does this quilt inspire in you?

In honor of AIR SHOW, here’s Crazy.

72″ x 72″

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