“I just joined AQS. When will I get my first American Quilter magazine?”


One of the many benefits of annual AQS membership is receiving 6 wonderful, idea-packed issues of American Quilter magazine in the mail. If you joined AQS (or renewed your membership) before the end of February, the May 2012 issue (cover shown here) should be arriving in your mailbox in just a couple weeks.

May 2012 issue of American Quilter magazine

Every day our staff gets many messages and inquiries, by phone and email, concerning the arrival of American Quilter magazines.  Our member services department follows up on each one, but it might be quicker to read the information below before contacting us.

Question: “I joined AQS two months ago and haven’t yet received a magazine yet.”

Answer: That is quite possible! There are six issues of American Quilter published per year, and your subscription usually begins with the next issue published. Each issue is published two months prior to the named month on that issue: for example, the May issue is published in March, the July issue is published in May, etc.

For new or renewing members, your AQS membership must be processed by the last business day of the month BEFORE the next issue is actually printed in order to receive that issue. This is because the magazine mailing labels are printed on the first day of the month of issue publication.

So, someone whose membership was processed on March 2, 2012, will not receive the May 2012 issue, which is published in mid-March and mails in late March. If that same person had joined AQS on February 28, their six-issue subscription WOULD have started with the May issue. Using the same example, the person who joined AQS on March 2nd will receive six issues beginning with the July issue, published in May. Looking ahead, if you want to receive the July 2012 issue of American Quilter, which is published in May and includes both the Lancaster and Paducah AQS show winners, your membership or renewal must be processed prior to April 30, 2012.

If you are a new AQS member and would like to see a magazine before your first issue arrives, you have two options. The digital versions of all issues since 2009 can be read online, or you can contact member services and purchase a copy of any back or current issue still in stock.

Question: “I didn’t get the most recent issue and I’m an AQS member.”
Answer: Most times when we get this inquiry, the member has simply forgotten to renew, or been late in sending in his or her renewal. Members receive a reminder inserted in the last issue remaining on their membership year. If you renew promptly, there will be no break in service or missing issues.

Several other reminders are sent out to you after the first one. Depending on how long you delay renewing, however, you may miss an issue because of the same timetable described above. But remember AQS members can read digital issues online or purchase any earlier issues still in stock.

Question: “I tried to renew my membership online but couldn’t get it to work.”
Answer: It is quick and easy for current members to renew online at www.AmericanQuilter.com, but you can only do this by logging into your online “account” with your AQS username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, contact member services and they will send it to your registered email address. Of course you can also renew by mail or phone.

In addition to being able to renew your membership quickly, there are many other reasons for members to visit our website. You’ll get updates on shows and AQS news, have access to all digital issues of American Quilter, and find many free patterns not in the magazine. Members can purchase books at a discount and read reviews of recent titles. You can browse the Readers’ Quilts gallery and enjoy photos of quilts made by our readers from American Quilter patterns. One of the most valuable resources is our online magazine index, which goes all the way back to 2001.

Question: “No one in my local guild has received the current issue and it’s already on newsstand.”
Answer: When a large number of AQS members from a small geographical area inquire about a missing issue, it is typically a postal service situation and not a membership problem. Your local post office receives magazine copies for all the members in that zip code area at one time. Because magazines are considered periodicals and are not first class mail, the post office has flexibility in when those issues are actually put on mail trucks and delivered to customers. The issues usually go out promptly, but occasionally the post office will hold them for days or even weeks if they are overloaded with other periodicals. If this problem happens in your area, please inquire at your local post office and then contact AQS.

Want to avoid missing any of our top-rated issues? Please renew your AQS membership promptly and establish an online presence to enjoy all the many perks of AQS membership. For specific inquiries or other membership inquiries, please contact memserv@aqsquilt.com.

Posted by Christine N. Brown, American Quilter magazine Editor-in-Chief




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I have tried to sign in to the AQS site with my member # to no avail- how do I get a username and password?

Sue: Contact Marcelle Cashon at AQS. Her phone number is 270-898-7903, ext. 130. Or you can send her an email to marcellecashon@aqsquilt.com. Marcelle is our member services representative and will be able to assist you. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrative Assistant