After hours and hours of working together creating quilts, bags, clothes, curtains, and so many other thing in our lives, our sewing machines become a dear companion. I for one, am here to say, I HEART my sewing machine! Not only do I talk to it, but I confess, I’ve also named it! Have you named yours?

Seems like it’s a pretty common thing to do! Take a look at our article sharing responses from our Sewing Machine Survey.

Top 40 Sewing Machine Names of 2017

Show your love for your sewing machine by commemorating it with a quilt block embellished to match your machine! Here are two blocks, modern and vintage, to try.

Free Patterns: Sewing Machine Blocks

Want to do something extra special for your sewing machine on National Sewing Machine Day? Why not make it something fancy, like this cool machine mat?

Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial from BERNINA


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You put a really cute and good post to all. its really amazing that someone loves that much to a sewing machine and loves the job as well. thank you for inspiration.