How to Spray Baste A Quilt


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I’ve been spray basting for quite some time but about 6 months ago I had a bright idea of spray basting on my vertical design wall. I can do it by myself, in fast it works better with just one person I spray my flannel covered design wall with the spray baste, attach the quilt basking (wrong side facing out), smooth it down removing any wrinkles, then spray again on the dbacking, attach my batting, smooth it down completely, spray the batting and attach my quilt top. In this way gravity aids me in the process. after the top has… Read more »


I just spray basted (as well as pinned because it was going to be a while before I could stitch) a few weeks ago, but instead of flipping the whole quilt over to the other side after spraying one side, I just lifted the top layer and batting and flipped it temporarily as a fold on the other half of the quilt and table, sprayed onto the bottom layer of fabric and then flipped back the batting and top quilt layer back to pat and smooth. And then related for the other half of the quilt. I have become a… Read more »

Paula Slater

I, too, spray baste on the wall. Since floor space is limited and littered with kitties, it is a better option. I tape the back to the wall, spray, ‘lay’ the batting down on top of it, spray, ‘lay’ the top over the batting and voila, it’s done. I use 505 spray baste. It will hold the quilt in place easily and you can reposition to get out any wrinkles as you do each layer.