Welcome to the sixth week, and the sixth project, of How to Quilt: A Beginner’s Guide. This week we’re learning how to make Quarter Square Triangle units and using them to embellish tea towels.

To get started, we’ve made a playlist of uquilt videos that show you pre-sewing skills, no-waste flying geese method, and more. Take a moment to watch and review. Be sure to refer to your sewing machine’s manual for specific threading and setup guidance.

Be sure to catch the step-by step video for making two Quarter Square Triangles at a time.

Now that we’re caught up on our skills, let’s make a Quarter Square Triangle Towel!

Quarter Square Triangle Towel

The fabrics to make the Quarter Square Triangle Towels are part of the How To Quilt Fabric Bundle, which includes all the fabrics for the series. There’s also a starter kit with sewing and quilting supplies. You can also shop our selection of ready-made tea towels, ready to customize!

Fabric/Supply Requirements

Fat Eighth or 1/8 yard of Dark Value fabric
Fat Eighth or 1/8 yard of Light Value fabric
1/8 yard of Accent fabric
Ready-Made Tea Towel

Cutting Instructions

From the dark value fabric, cut:
(4) 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″

From the light value fabric, cut:
(4) 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″

From the accent fabric, cut:
(2) 1″ x Width of Fabric

Quarter Square Triangle Assembly

Mark the wrong side of a light value 4 1/4″ square in half diagonally once. Mark a 1/4″ from both sides of the marked center line.Repeat on all the light value squares.

Layer a marked light value squares with a dark value square, right sides together, and pin. Sew on the marked 1/4″ lines. Cut apart on the marked center line to make two Half Square Triangles. Press seam towards the dark. Repeat with remaining light and dark squares to make 8 Half Square Triangles.

Mark the wrong side of the Half Square Triangle from corner to corner crossing the seam. Mark 1/4″ from both sides of the marked center line. Repeat so half of the Half Square Triangles are marked.

Layer a marked and unmarked Half Square Triangle right sides together, and pin. Sew on the marked 1/4″ lines. Cut apart on the marked center line to make two Quarter Square Triangles. Pop the seam in the center and press. Repeat with remaining Half Square Triangles to make 8 Quarter Square Triangles measuring 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ unfinished.

Quarter Square Triangle Row Assembly

Lay out seven Quarter Square Triangles in a single row and alternate the whether the dark side of the Quarter Square Triangle is vertical or horizontal. Sew the blocks together as laid out using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Check the row against the short length of your ready-made tea towel. If your tea towel is larger than the one I demonstrated on, add the extra Quarter Square Triangle now. The row needs to be an inch or so longer than the width of the tea towel.

Lay the Quarter Square Triangle Row over an accent 1″ strip, right sides together and sew. Repeat on the other side. Press towards the strips, and then fold the strips to the wrong side of the row to create a finished, folded edge.

Towel Embellishment

Find the halfway point of the tea towel and center the Quarter Square Triangle Row approximately 3″ from the edge of the towel. Secure with pins in the center of the row so you don’t have to remove the pins while sewing.

Secure the ends of the row by rolling the unfinished end to the back of the tea towel. Press a crease. Fold the raw edge into that crease, turning under about a quarter to an eighth of an inch. Press a crease and pin. Repeat on the other end.

Once the Row is secure, load your machine with coordinating thread and topstitch around the Quarter Square Triangle Row, about 1/8″ from the folded edge of the accent fabric. Be sure to remove the pin at the sides after feeling that everything is still tucked into itself back there before stitching it down.

Want more practice with Quarter Square Triangle Blocks?

precut quarter square triangle quilt

Check out the Vanishing Time quilt made from 5″ square pre-cuts, a free pattern from AQSblog.

Ready to join a community of beginners, share your progress and get exclusives?

Join the How To Quilt AQS Facebook group. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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