How to Photograph a Quilt-Video


No matter how beautiful your quilt is in “real life” a bad photo of  it might very well keep it from being admitted to a quilt show.  The AQS staff photographer Charley Lynch has a video that will give you some pointers on taking  photographs that will give you the very best chance of making a good first impression with the judges.

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This is a good overview. For more detailed tips, you might want to look at the “Shoot That Quilt!” tutorial that Holly Knott and I put together:

You’ll find information on how to put together light stands for less than $10 apiece, how to set up your camera, and a “Gallery of Wrongs” that shows common mistakes and how to correct them.

Is there any way you could publish a written version of requirements and metholds to photograph quilts?

I would like a written form of your tape in writing and published in a AQS book. It is informative. Thank you.

Great video! Very complete instruction.