How to Join Paper Piecing Sections


Joining paper piecing sections and maintaining straight edges around the block can be one of the trickiest parts of foundation paper piecing. We have a trick for getting nice results, and all you need extra is a firm pin and a craft clip or two.

Joining Sections

Begin by laying out the sections as the block will be assembled. Identify the order in which the sections should be sewn together.

Starting with the first two sections that need to be sewn together, bring the two sections right sides together. With a firm pin, pierce one section through the point with the pin.

joining paper piecing sections

Pierce the pin through the second section at the point as well. Leave the pin standing upright. The goal is to hold the points together for a brief moment rather than to pin the sections together.

With the pin still in place and held perfectly upright, secure the rest of seam using a craft clip. A clip is preferred to pinning because it holds the pieces together without shifting, which can sometimes happen with pinning.

Bring the pieces under the sewing machine, and remove the pin while carefully maintaining the fabric alignment. Bring the machine needle down into the hole created by the pin where the points of the two sections meet.

joining paper piecing sections

Sew backwards to secure the seam, and then forwards again through the rest of the section on the seam line. Remove the craft clip before reaching it. Once sewn, you can check that the pieces joined together successfully.

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Header image: Photo by Anni Roenkae from Pexels
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