How Many Quiltmaking Techniques Have you Tried?


Take a look at this list of quiltmaking techniques. We’ve carefully selected things that are more of a technique (a way of piecing) rather than simply a skill. How many of them have you tried? Let us know in the comments and be sure to include any you think we’ve missed! We will add them to the list.

List of Quilt Construction Techniques




Wool applique

Reverse Applique


Curved piecing

English paper piecing

Foundation piecing

Crazy quilting

Strip piecing


String Piecing

Hand piecing

Inset seams

Improvisational piecing

Woven piecing


…that’s 16 so far! Tell us how many you’ve tried in the comments below. 

My Quilt Story

Our quilting journey includes all the different techniques we’ve tried and played with to create quilts. Be sure to include samples of techniques you’ve tried in blocks for your quilt. 

Because this project will take components of different shapes and sizes, don’t be afraid to create patches showing off your vast range of techniques. We will worry about the shapes and sizes later when we get to the putting-together part of this adventure!

At least, show off your favorite quilt construction technique. Make a sample patch showing off what you’ve learned.

Want to catch up on the rest of the project? Here are the details:


Between now and Fall Paducah in September, we invite you on a special creative adventure. Each week we will offer you ideas, techniques, blocks, and embellishments to help you tell your quilt story in stitches. 

If you didn’t catch the beginning of the project, visit here for the quilt story worksheet.

Did you remake your first block? You can find some help here.

Have you decided on the monuments representing the moments that changed your quilt story? Here’s a look at how to start.

Are you building your town? See how we built a building.

Have you created a quilting garden? See some sample blocks here.


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I think needleturn is the only thing I have not at least used in some project.


marlu allan

I have used Sharon Schamber’s piece-le-que technique for sewing curved edges.


I’ve done 11 of the techniques, Don’t really care for paper piecing or reverse applique.

Brenda Clark

I’ve used 14 of the techniques, but won’t ever do the Wool Applique due to allergy issues and I don’t really like hand applique and therefore I’ve never tried the reverse applique process. I’m sure if I really applied myself to getting better at the hand applique process, I’d eventually try the reverse applique, but there are so many quilts that I still want to do before I’ll ever get back to trying it again.


You just need the right teacher. I was never an “A” person until I took a class and learned how to insert the needle. My stitches are still not 1/8th in apart, but I am getting closer.Have even finished a Tahitian wall hanging, similar to Hawaiian.

Judy Zedalis

I saw a great tip for stitch placing in hand sewing. Mark lines on the side of your index finger to guide you. I would love to try this challenge but I am going in for shoulder reconstruction in 2 weeks. Was trying to finish two baby quilts looks like I am only going to finish one. Can’t wait to see all the results.


I’ve made partial seams, was not as hard as I thought, cathedral window, always loved the look, started with a pin cushion and then made a table runner, appliqué, pieced, and have used several of the above and planning other techniques, however, I am not a fan (yet) of either technique for paper piecing. Very curious to try the reverse appliqué technique.