Share the beginning of your quilting adventure. In our latest survey we ask questions about when you started quilting, how you learned, and what some of those valuable lessons were. We can’t wait to hear from you!



Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please come back next week for the results!

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Self taught

Ellen Igoe

I learned from my mother and grandmother. Their quilts were tied, rather than quilted. My earlier quilts are also tied. Now that my daughter is proficient in quilting, I am learning from her.


I love quilting

Thibodeau Marie

J’adore votre site!


I erecting survey

Amy Buckley

I have learned mostly from magazines and television quilting programs.

Cindy Fuller

I am just amazed at the quilting creativity I see every day.


I taught myself using a quilting book in 1977. I used cardboard templates and a pencil to trace them, then cut out the pieces. I already knew how to sew, so the rest was easy. For the first few years I only tied my quilts. Then I found a quilting class and learned how to do the quilting. Quilting has come a long way since then!

Wanted to meet more ladies now that I was retiring so I join a guild and a neighbor friend gave me a lesson before I attended my first meeting. I did Yellow Brick Road and was able to show my blocks at the meeting. Jackie introduced me to a wonder group of women quilters. Always loved to sew and now have become much more creative.

brenda terrell

saw beautiful quilts and this got my attention…..

I went on retreat with a bunch of quilters, intending to complete one project – a BOM from Hancock fabrics. I’d never even opened the packages, so I figured the best way to get it done was to be with a group of women who new what they were doing. I was right, but I was also hooked.

K. French

I learned with my Mother. She quilted out of necessity. Whatever clothing had been outgrown would be the material for the quilt.

Frank Figueredo

I learned by purchasing a log cabin quilt kit, borrowing my cousin’s sewing machine, and diving right into the process. Made every mistake known to the quilt police, and then some, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

Carol Grimmer

I started quilting while I was in high school and finished my 1st quilt while I was in college.

Barb Meiser

On my bucket list. My grandmother had embroidered quilt squares over 50 years ago and I wanted to make them into a quilt. Took lessons at Lake Erie Mercantile

Barbara Wood

As a child, I remember my mother showing me how to cut out a template to cut quilt squares–no rotary cutters back then! Nothing came of that project, but years later I found some quilts made by my grandmother and that sparked my interest so I took a basic class and made my first quilt.


When I was in about 4th grade, I asked Mom for something I could sew. She was one of those people that would remake clothing from Salvation Army into amazing clothes for me. And no scraps were ever thrown away. She set me down at an old Singer treadle sewing machine with some very small pieces she was given by her mother along with a crazy quilt that was half finished. You simple can’t mess up a crazy quilt! I didn’t finish the quilt but it started me sewing. Mom finished it when I was in high school and had… Read more »

Jackie Rider

In 2000, a work colleague asked me if I would like to learn how to quilt. She knew that I was an experienced sewer and invited me to join a small group who met monthly on a Saturday morning (we were all educators) to share and learn. When she gave me the list of items to bring, my first question was “What is a fat quarter?” I brought three of them in contrasting colors and made my first small quilt, a split rail quilt for my granddaughter’s dolls. I stayed with the group for about 5-6 years and they are… Read more »


Learned from a magazine, Woman’s Day, I think. Got hooked after learning rotary cutting for a trip around the world quilt at a county cooperative extension office☺️


I had friends who convinced me that if I could sew clothing and home décor items I could quilt. They taught me basics and I also use magazines and books for tips and tricks. I don’t always sew straight and my corners don’t always match up, but that’s what makes it mine.

Excited to know the results!

Urszula Chojnacka

I learned to quilt in the mid-west from a quilting group connected with the University of Nebraska newcomers club. In 3 months we made 30 quilts, albeit tied, but I learned to quilt and also enjoyed the camaraderie of a great many young women with their children. I was a young mother living somewhere a long way from home.