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In lieu of the ‘stand and stare’ method, Lisa offers a technique she coins as the Divide and Design Technique. Whether you quilt on a longarm, home sewing machine, or are a hand quilter, this three part method will inspire you to create one of a kind works of art.

Starting with a black and white image of the quilt area, reference points are marked, and then the work begins. I love how Lisa gets right to the intimidating part and guides you through. The conversational tone of her writing makes me feel like she’s looking over my shoulder with perfectly placed suggestions to keep the creative juices flowing. 

I enjoy Lisa’s technique so much, I find myself playing with shapes, dividing them up and drawing simple designs in the spaces. It’s like having a new set of eyes.


Take a look at her five great projects complete with sewing guides:

Summer Solstice 46″ x 46″


Lavish 46″ x 46″


Petit A Four 36″ x 36″


Checkmate 41″ x 41″


LuckyBlooms 32 1/2″ x 32 1/2″


Even if you’ve never put a stitch in, I’d strongly recommend grabbing a pencil and playing with Lisa’s technique. It will stretch the world of quilting for you in a whole new way.

Get Lisa’s book today!

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