Sharon Schlotzhauer needs your help locating her 1st place quilt Really ‘Wild’ Flowers! Season Two! The quilt did not make it back home from the recent Houston Quilt Festival. Each of the seven flowers depicted is three-dimensional. The quilt went missing on November 7, 2011 somewhere between the show floor and the mailing area. If you have any information that might help in finding Sharon’s quilt, her email address:

Really 'Wild' Flowers! Season Two!, 62" x 64.5", by Sharon Schlozhauer

Let’s bring Sharon’s quilt home!

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Hi Sharon
I hope that you find your wonderful quilt .What a joy Sue

herlinda samaniego

A sad feeling came over me as I read your story. The quilt is so happy and one day will return to you….I pray whomever has it will care for it and return it to you, as other quilts have returned. My prayers, herlinda

As a quilter myself ,I can imagine how heartbreaking it would be to lose your beautiful quilt. My prayers are with you that someone will find your quilt and return it to you.
Sharon M.

NC Lawson

I know your beautiful quilt will make it home to you. I know you must feel terrible. I pray that the finder will return it to you soon.

Tania Ledee

I pray you will get your quilt back, all the love and time you put into deserves a happy ending.