Help Elderly Abandoned Animals–with Quilts!


companion dog Imagine a companion dog who has grown deaf or lacks the ability to function as he or she should. It’s sad to think that dogs like these are literally abandoned when their working capacity is no longer what it once was.

Out of sheer compassion for these dogs and other abandoned animals, Dr. Roschelle Heuberger spends much of her time quilting for charity auctions that benefit animal rescue groups. The funds from her quilts are earmarked for senior companion animals that have been abandoned at the end of their lives.

How does she do it? Dr. Heuberger started a charity called “Quilts to the Rescue,” an organization dedicated to fundraising for animal rescues. Rescue groups require funds for veterinary care, food and temporary housing for animals that are abandoned, relinquished or removed due to abuse or neglect. Quilts to the Rescue makes, receives, and auctions or sells quilts and other handmade items to raise money for animal rescue groups. All proceeds are donated to the rescue group for the care and housing of these senior or hard to place animals.

dog for rescue articleQuilts to the Rescue is a multi-faceted charity, and their website is a place for rescue groups to apply to receive quilts, to be a quilter for Quilts to the Rescue, to donate funds, and to keep up with rescue groups and other supporters. There’s also a spot on the site to buy quilts for sale; the funds from these sales go to rescue groups that pay for vet care.

An unprecedented number of animal rescue groups are asking for quilts to use as raffle or auction items at their adoption events for senior animals. Can you help?

For more information, please see the Quilts to the Rescue website HERE. All donations are tax deductible, and all proceeds go to pre-screened rescues that house, vet, feed and care for abandoned, relinquished or otherwise homeless seniors who have little chance of adoption in shelters.

Of course, there are countless quilt-related charities across the country and around the world. Dr. Heuberger is setting a great example for all quilters; no matter what your charitable passion, your talents are a valuable source of funding to help others. Check online in your locale for charitable quilt donation resources. Give a shout-out for your favorite quilt-related charity in our Comments below!
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One of my favourite quilt-related charities is TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team (TQPM stands for “The Quilt Pattern Magazine”) where almost 1,000 Kennel Quilts have been donated to shelters in need when disasters have struck.


Does all of the proceeds go to shelters in the US? Is there anyone in Montana? Also is there anywhere that fabric may be donated for use to someone making quilts for rescue?

Every year Lilypad Quilting hosts a Pets on Quilts Show, which is a fun event that also helps to raise awareness of Pets living in shelters and in need of a good home. For more info on this annual event held every summer visit:

Lilypad Quilting also was one of the cheerleaders to raise funds for a variety of charities in the Quilter’s Bee Giving Fundraiser in late 2013. She championed raising funds for the Greenville Humane Society and animals living in shelters anyplace, in need of forever homes.


Annemiek den Hollander

It is so sad to think that these loyal companions are abandoned like that. Thank you for raising awareness.