Heart for a Hero by Ed Ditto & Laura D. Patrick


Losing your love is like losing yourself. It happened to Bebe Warner fifty years ago, and it’s happening to her granddaughter PJ today. Nobody ever suspected that Bebe perfect wife, perfect grandmother, and quilter extraordinaire led a secret life. Not even PJ, though she’s desperately guarding a secret of her own.

Author Ed Ditto’s novel takes inspiration from his cousin Laura D. Patrick’s homey quilt to cover deep themes of loss and regret, acceptance and recovery. Historical accuracy concerning the Korean War and a searing look at post-partum depression interwoven with the healing powers of quilting make this novel appealing to numerous audiences.

Author Ed Ditto and quiltmaker Laura D. Patrick are cousins who live not very far apart in southern Tennessee and northern Alabama, respectively. This is their first collaborative project.

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