Love novels. Love your Kindle. Now you can download Ann Hazelwood’s Colebridge community fiction series for your Kindle.

Hazelwood introduced us to Anne Brown and the Colebridge community in The Basement Quilt. Anne Brown is a plucky florist whose daily ups and downs will seem so familiar you’ll identify with her right away. When Anne decides to learn to quilt to help her aunt, she uncovers a mysterious presence in her mother’s basement or does she?

In the second chapter of Anne’s life, The Potting Shed Quilt, she and her fiance, Sam, start house-hunting, or is that haunting? Once again, a quilt holds keys and clues to important family secrets, but whose family is it this time? And why would anyone hide a quilt in a potting shed?

The third book in this series, The Funeral Parlor Quilt, Anne and her quilting friends welcome newcomers into their lives, they come across strange death practices and unusual (to them) uses for quilts. These events give them pause to consider life’s deeper meanings. But what do they signal for the future?

Hazelwood has a writing style that will keep you immersed in the lives of Anne Brown and her family. In each, Hazelwood brings the quilts to life as an interesting and integral member of the Colebridge community.

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