Hands across the water


It might be a week or so before you can get your hands on the October 2013 issue of TQL, but I couldn’t wait to introduce you to the people in the picture at the end of this post. They are, left to right, Anke Calzada, Jutta Hufnagle, and Johann Gutauer. Jutta is the driving force behind Quilt around the World, an online quilting magazine based in Munich, Germany. Anke does publicity for the organization, and Johann is the I.T. department. These are the people behind a massive undertaking—the International Block Swap (IBS)—which has raised money for important causes while proving that the global quilting community is, in fact, a small world after all.

The team has just returned home from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England, where they displayed 17 quilts made from blocks obtained in the first IBS. The reason I’m giving away part of the story—it’s called “Fair Trade” in the magazine—is because you still have time to participate in the second IBS. I encourage you to visit the website http://www.quilt-around-the-world.com for more information and to see pictures of the quilts from Birmingham. But please do read the article when the magazine arrives—it’s entertaining. As you may have guessed, hosting an international block swap turned out to be a bit more than this capable crew bargained for….Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

The Quilt around the World team in Birmingham
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