Hand Quilting Survey


Share your experiences with hand quilting. Come back next week and see what everyone has to say!



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Dee Robinson

I have been asking for years to increase the hand quilting classes. I have a number of friends who would like to learn.

Janet Thomas

There are many hand quilters out there and yet there is little acknowledgement of us from the rest of the quilting world. The Facebook group page, Celebrate Hand Quilting, has 17,246 members, showing that we hand quilters are also a vital member of the quilting world and quilting industry

Jo Ann Martin

There is nothing softer, more comforting than a quilt that has been quilted with love by hand. When I finish a piece, putting many many hours into making all the decisions involved, pattern and colors of fabric, I want my finished piece to reflect all the time spent and all the love I have put into the making of a quilt, I want it to be quilted by hand. There is nothing like a hand made quilt!

mary beard

thanks for the survey and I hope it impacts the quilting world. we all live such hurried hectic lives and hand stitching of every type centers me, allows contemplative time, and quiet in our busy world

Susy Carpenter

I have been hand quilting for over 25 years. I have never had a quilt machine quilted. There is very little to be found anywhere on hand quilting. No magazine has a regular feature. Most magazines are re-hashes of the same old thing. Wh y not feature quilting designs for hand Quilter’s? How about featuring articles on hand Quilter’s? Andrea Stracke would be a quilted that could fill a year’s worth of magazines just on marking techniques and designs for whole cloth quilts. Need more on hand quilting!

I teach hand quilting and each time the class is full. There is a renewed interest in hand quilting as indicated by the over 16,000 members on one internet site.

Marlene Shea

I needleturn applique and hand quilt all my work.

I agree with Dee. I am self taught and know that I need to unlearn a few things.

Mary Ann Fanning

I have hand quilted for over 40 years. Hand quilting provides peace and quality time to reflect on my day and time that I need to unwind from the daily grind! I am sure it takes a lot of practice and skill to machine quilt and I have seen some amazing machine quilting. Hand quilting also requires skill and patience and the results are amazing as well. At 70 I doubt that I will seriously take up machine quilting. I will never get as many quilts finished as the machine quilter but that is ok- I am creating an heirloom… Read more »

I do only hand quillting and have made many beautiful quilts through the years. Hand piecing and quilting soothes my soul.


I would love to view a tutorial on stab stitch quilting.

Pepper Cory

Hand quilting is still a relevant skill. Some shop owners incorrectly assume that more hand quilting will cut into their machine profits but that’s not the truth. Machines will alway sell to those who enjoy advancing their technical skills. Hand quilting is portable–a big plus when women like to take some needlework with them to their job and get in a few stitches or they’re waiting for the kids at school. Many hand quilters cite the theraputic aspect of slow work. Lots of people combine machine and hand quilting. It’s not an “us vs them” thing. Because hand quilters take… Read more »

Roslyn Taylor

I have always admired your work and your dedication to quilting. I still use the machine occasionally but hand piecing and quilting is definitely my passion. At the moment I am on the last border of a quilt I have been snuggling up to for this past year. Summer is too hot here in Australia but now it is cooler and I am on the last stretch. The separation is near but the quilt will always be there for a cuddle when it is cold again.
Cheers Roslyn.

Sharon Metzger

I do everything by hand, even bindings! If I am behind a sewing machine, I am being punished for something! ☺

I recently went to a fairly new quilt shop in the area. There was not one spool of hand quilting thread, not one hand applique needle, not one handquilting template in stock. Sad. My hometown quilt group quilters are all hand quilters and I belong to a Facebook hand quilting group of over 17,000 members. I no longer subscribe to quilt magazines due to the lack of hand quilting/applique items.

I only hand quilt! Since this is how it was done for centuries you’d think there’d be more resources for it. There needs to be.


I understand that not everyone can machine quilt, that you need a big tool and well it’s $$$. For me, (no offence) but anything machine quilted is one step away from an imported quilt from China. Yes that’s harsh, but quilting in America is part of our history, I would NEVER machine stitch a quilt..it’s would devalue it for me.

Hand quilting every stitch is love, patience, hopes and dreams…it is what makes a quilt memorable.

Susan Muszynski

I’ve always wanted to hand-quilt and finally was able to join my church’s morning quilting group in 2016 for a year. They were patient with me (I made a ton of mistakes at the beginning) and taught me some good techniques. I ended up starting an evening quilting group at our church for those of us who work and can’t make the morning group. We’ve got about 6-8 that come regularly, including some young (20’s) women! I’ve always sewed bindings on by hand and have dabbled in applique. I love being able to be “hands-on” with my project and have… Read more »

Alaine Hurst

Fortunately when I started quilting 27 years ago the owner of my local shop only quilted by hand but her shop offered classes for everything.
Yes hand quilting takes longer but it is very calming. I started because I had a top Grandma pieced for me when I was 8 and hand quilting was the only way that would be appropriate for her work. Now I am truly blessed to share this passion with her.

I feel that Hand Quilting is a dying work of Art. It is neat to see what you have accomplished after you have completed a quilt. It makes more of an Heirloom just like back in the old days. I find it relaxing!

Roslyn Taylor

I am addicted to hand piecing, hand appliqué and hand quilting. The quilt tells you what to quilt and enhance the pattern of the quilt. I find hand quilting is therapeutic and the passion of completely making a quilt by hand is really an overwhelming feeling and very rewarding. I am a retired Quilt Teacher, but really never fully retired because I am more than happy to help others to enjoy this craft. As a teacher I instructed all aspects of quilting but was always excited to teach hand quilting. There is so many ways to hand quilt and all… Read more »

Helen McCarl

I believe that hand quilting is the reward for piecing or appliqueing a quilt top. I have a lot of patience, and I like to see a job well done, with lots of time and effort invested in it. It blesses me with better mental and physical health, and a sense of accomplishment.

Joy Sudduth

I love to hand quilt, made one of Hollis’ quilts and a Baltimore Album quilt with Elly’s S. Applique Patterns. It’s calming and great for travel.

Hand quilted items should be judged in a class by themselves. Often times they are judged with machine quilted items. They deserve their own class.