Guild Project: Magazine Roulette



Creative people like to find inspiration in all parts of their lives. In today’s mobile, connected world, it’s easy to turn to the Internet. But that doesn’t mean inspiration can’t be found offline, too!

Try this project with your guild, and you’ll find new influences for your quilts.

Magazine Roulette

guild-project-magazines1. Have each attendee bring in a magazine of their choice (NOT a quilting magazine). Collect the magazines at the beginning of the meeting.

2. Randomly distribute the magazines when you’re ready to introduce the project.

3. Write down the numbers from 0 to 9 on pieces of paper and put them in a bag. Draw two of the numbers to make a two-digit page number (for example: “3” and “7” are drawn to make page 37).

4. Have everyone turn to that page in their magazine*.

*If someone has a magazine that doesn’t have that many pages, just use the first number drawn (unless it’s zero, then use the second number).

5. Use that page as inspiration for a quilting project. Give it a due date, like your next meeting.

6. Bask in the fun.

You could give size requirements and such, but that may take some of the creativity away. And that’s the idea here, isn’t it?

Post your pictures in the comments, share your pins, or add them to the AQS Facebook page! Let’s see how your guild uses their inspiration.

Oh, and good luck to anyone who gets the second page of the prescription drug ad!

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