Go Crazy for Crazy Quilting


It’s second nature for quilters to collect little scraps of fabric, ribbon, and other treasures. After a while this collection begins to outgrow its jar, basket, box, or tub. Every now and again, it’s a good idea to put these bits and pieces to good use. What better way than to go a little crazy with Crazy Quilting!

Crazy quilting refers to a textile art of irregular patches, combined with embellishments, applied to a foundation fabric. 

Crazy quilting is unique in that it is built on a foundation fabric that doubles as the pieces backing, so there is no quilt sandwich for a crazy quilt. 

Begin with a foundation fabric and add little scraps as you go. 

Once the fabrics are stitched in place, embellish with embroidery stitches, ribbons, laces, buttons, anything you have in your collection!

This type of quilting is especially great for gift giving because the gift can be tailored to the recipients special interests. 

Here are 10 gift ideas to create with Crazy Quilting!

  1. Pillow – tiny, sofa size, or gigantic, everyone loves pillow snuggles!
  2. Journal Cover – a one of a kind treasure for those special thoughts and memories.
  3. Purse – pick a pocket or panel on the outside of the purse to showcase your crazy quilting.
  4. Ornament – a great way to collect memories of the year in one place and revisit year after year.
  5. Stuffed Animal – give that bear a crazy patchwork tummy with special messages for your little one.
  6. Slippers – make a treasure for Grandma and keep her feet cozy too!
  7. Framed Picture – tell your family story and frame it. Hang it in the middle of your family portraits.
  8. Fabric Book – tell a story with your scraps and stitches!
  9. Shawl – wrap a loved one with family memories and scraps from all the grandchildren’s clothes.
  10. Sewing Machine Cover – create a cover from all your quilts.

Want to learn Crazy Quilting? You can’t go wrong with Alice.

Alice Wilhoit has taught generations the fine art of Crazy Quilting. In her class, Crazy Patchwork Techniques, she takes you through all the steps including multiple embellishment techniques.

Here’s everything included in the class:


Visit Alice at iquilt.com and get started with your Crazy Quilting adventure today! 

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