Get Ready for the 2018 Christmas Countdown!


December is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time for the 2018 AQS Christmas Countdown! We’re so excited this year to bring you two colorways and a 100 Block Christmas Quilt using the Christmas Countdown blocks from 2015-2018. There’s more fun to have than ever. But before the kickoff December 1st, we want to get you ready to go!

Take a look at all the Christmas Countdown quilts and decide what you want to make this year. Are you going to tackle the 100 Block Christmas Quilt?

The 100 Block Christmas Quilt


2015 Christmas Countdown

2016 Christmas Countdown


2017 Christmas Countdown


2018 Christmas Countdown: Red & White Colorway


2018 Christmas Countdown: Red, Black & White Colorway

Once you’ve decided what you’re doing, announce it to the world! Share the image below using the hashtag #ChristmasCountdownSewAlong to tell the world you’ll be counting down to Christmas with us.

Download image here to use on Social Media.

Finally, checkout some tips on getting organized and staying organized while making a Countdown Quilt.

  1. Join the AQS Christmas Countdown group to get help and inspiration from fellow quilters and share your progress!
  2. Set up your sewing area with minimum distance between the sewing machine, iron, and cutting board.
  3. Clean your sewing machine and change to a fresh needle.
  4. Store cut fabric pieces, tools, and blocks-in-progress in baskets or storage containers to make it easier to clean up at the end of each day.
  5. Make a to-do list before sewing each day to organize your time and set goals.
  6. Check out our post on Organizing Ideas for Big Projects for more ideas.

Merry Countdown!

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christopher thomas

I am so looking forward to the christmas count down quilt…i am printing the pre years right now

Kathy Carman

I found these last year and printed all 75. I work on them at retreats. I’m going to try to do a couple each day this year, the current one and one from the past…