Get Away and Sew at a Quilting Retreat


Quilt retreats are happening everywhere! Whether you plan to spend the entire time quilting or split your time with other interests such as sight-seeing or hiking, there’s bound to be a retreat that meets your needs.

Would you like to work on an individual project, or would you prefer a collaboration? Maybe you usually get together with some quilting friends in a low key setting but think you’ll try a weekend or week with a well known instructor this time…


Regardless of the size or location, the resemblance to summer camp for kids is obvious. You get away from home (it may be close to home – or very far, how about a cruise?), do many fun things, learn new skills, and meet new friends. I’d love to know if any quilt retreaters quilt all night long! You make acquaintances that often last for life. At many retreats, the food is taken care of in your retreat price; that means no cooking for the duration. You are free to simply QUILT!

We heard from Rosanne Brouwer, a Michigan quilter. She sent these photos that we couldn’t wait to use!

Here’s her brief description of the event:

“I was at a quilting retreat with my local guild, Capital City Quilt Guild, in Lansing, Michigan. There were 70 of us. We go to a local hotel, have food catered in, have rooms right off our sewing area, and quilt like crazy.


“The staff of the hotel requests to work the weekend we come because they love to see our quilts. We hang them from the balconies as we finish them and this year we made it to the 4th floor. We have an amazing breakfast cook who eagerly waits for us each year.”

This is just one example of a terrific quilting retreat!

We want to hear about yours in the Comments below (or on our Facebook post). Have you been to one? Do you run one? Maybe you’d simply like to get some regional quilters together and start one–it can be as easy as booking some space in an appropriate location. Post photos, share ideas and fun–and let us know where quilters can find you if there’s room for more!

You need a fun quilting break this year, like Rosanne! Try a quilt retreat. We can’t wait to hear about it.


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Terrific article Ann. Thank you for making space for our guild. I am proud to say there is fantastic talent in these 70 quilters. We had a productive weekend out of the heavy snow, the food was great and the sharing of ideas greater.

Terrific article Ann. Thank you for making space for our guild. I am proud to say there is fantastic talent in these 70 quilters.

Terrific article Ann. Thank you for making space for our guild.


I love the idea of a summer quilt camp or even a weekend camp. How do you find them? I’ve never heard of one in the summer. I found only two, one was too far away and another was during school time when I couldn’t attend. Any places to look? Thanks

Angela Neese

Thanks so much for this article! We are in the end stages of house building (since June’s ground-breaking last year) When friends ask why we are building such a big place at our age, I share my vision of hosting quilt guilds for weekend getaways. We live in northeast Missouri – the heart of Mennonite and Amish country with an easy dozen quilt shops within a 30 minute drive. My Bernina shop owner in our local county seat is very excited about the concept and has offered to host classes for our guests. I have searched for websites of similar… Read more »


That just sounds like heaven…We have our retreat at a place called Magnolia Retreat & Conference in Springville/Odenville AL. The owner and her daughter cook for us three meals a day –fabulous meals and we generally have the run of the place. We can sit on the huge back porch and sip coffee and talk or do handwork. Or, we can sew, press, cut, corroborate with each other — you name it. We RELAX and I think that is what retreats are all about. There is always coffee, tea (sweet and unsweet) soft drinks, snacks, fruit–whatever you want and we… Read more »

Angela Neese

thank you all for your kind encouragement! My Grandma taught me to quilt – and my Mom is an incredible hand quilter. I am turning 62 in May, and this has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have thought it would be a good fit for “city” guilds that appreciate getting out to the country. I’m halfway between Des Moines and St. Louis, so I plan on doing some direct mail pieces and honing my hospitality skills. I hope it is truly a blessing for other women – I know it will be a fun adventure… Read more »

Love all the quilts hanging from the balconies. I run two retreats a year for the guild I belong to – one in January and the other in late September. We have two different types of lodging available – bunk house style and hotel room style. They can also choose to come up Thurs through Sunday or Friday through Sunday with all the meals included. We offer a swap with a challenge and have loads of door prizes. We usually sell out with 80 participants. I would send pictures if you let me know where to send them.


I go to a quilt retreat hosted by The Quilt House in Indian River, MI. Its held at The Crooked River Lodge in Alanson which is less than 10 miles away from the shop. There are massages available, a swimming pool and hot tub – open 24 hours, demos of new techniques and products, classes available, maybe a mystery quilt. The food catered in and is wonderful and abundant. At the end we have show and tell, with lots of laughter and applause for all the hard work done both by quilters and workers. Some ladies start sewing early in… Read more »

Am heading to a quilting retreat in less than 2 weeks. We will be at a Church Conference Center in Southwest Virginia. Looking forward to the quilting time, friends and food.

Hello everyone – funny I’ve not been on an official quilt retreat but I do hold quilt retreats at my bed and breakfast – Victorian Guest House in Nappanee, Indiana. I love it! I get inspired from all the quilters who come! Check out my website for information and pictures from previous retreats! I always say I NEED to go on a retreat -everyone has so much fun! My retreat guests have become my friends!!!

Teresa Ross

There are about 25 of us who go on retreats TWICE(!) a year at a lovely lodge situated on a river and next to cross-country/biking trails (U.P. Michigan). Three or four people take care of one meal and cleanup and then we’re done for the duration of four days. Many of us bring desserts and we fill a whole counter with them! We are up by 8am and many of the women sew til 2am (me included!). We get lots done, laugh lots, and eat lots. “What happens at quilting stays at quilting.” 🙂


When I saw this post, I was thrilled to my toes! A friend and I have just started a business holding quilt retreats, named the “Great Escape Quilt Camp”. We are in western Colorado and so far have held a couple retreats with more scheduled for September and October. The summer months are open, for right now, and there will be more scheduled soon. Our events are smaller, ranging in size from 8 to 15 quilters, so far. 🙂 We don’t yet have a website, which is coming within the next month or so, but we do have a Facebook… Read more »


I have been going on a quilt retreat twice a year for the last several years. There is a core group who attend all the time and there are others who come with a friend. We laugh a lot, eat well, drink a bit and get lots of sewing done. It’s so decadent to have someone ring a dinner bell and just going in and eating and then going back to resume sewing. I hope everyone attends at least one retreat for the experience.

Our retreat is located in a 150 year old historical farmhouse in Sweetwater TN…halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga. We offer private retreats for groups of 6-18 where they have the whole farmhouse and take care of their own meals or we have “Open Retreats” where you can come alone or with a few friends and all your meals are provided. Our guests can stay in their pi’s all day and sew or head into our historic downtown for some antique shopping. We also have classes and workshops! 2014 “Open Retreats” are on our website


I too love quilt retreats, but there is a quilt retreat topic that I’d love to see you cover in a future article: – How to deal with a quilter that wants to be the center of attention and talks more than the teacher, or other quilt retreat participants? Essentially they want to make the retreat all about them? – How to deal with quilter’s with bad manners at meals? Sadly, there are many quilters that love to talk with their mouth full of food. I can overlook those that have elbows on the table, eat food with their hands,… Read more »

Cathy Junga

My friends and I go to a quilt retreat every November in Shipshewana, IN. We shop hop our way there, so a 2½ hour drive easily turns into a 6 hour adventure. We stay in a large hotel and we have the conference room available to us all weekend. The last one to go to bed locks up, this is usually around 4 a.m. The food is catered in and there’s lots of fabric shopping in Shipshewana, which is an Amish town. There are demo’s, door prizes, show and tell and a great group of women. Other than my yearly… Read more »


Our Guild has a yearly retreat at a local Christian retreat camp that 50 members attend. They accommodate us in cabins; provide wonderful meals; and we quilt for 4 days in their gym. The retreat chairs do an amazing job of pulling together small projects and activities that are scattered thru the entire weekend. Local merchants donate prizes that are awarded all weekend! Its so inspirational to see the beautiful creations and the wonderful fellowship!