Machine Embroider Your Life: Freestanding Lace Embroidery Ornaments


Let’s make Freestanding Lace Embroidery Ornaments!

It’s the sixth week and the sixth project of Machine Embroider Your Life from American Quilter’s Society and EverSewn! We’re so excited to bring you nine great machine embroidery projects to make in the following weeks. There’s lots of fun in store. This week we’re making freestanding lace embroidery ornaments. Let’s get started!

Click Here to download the written instructions as a PDF


  • 120 x 180 mm Embroidery Hoop
  • 11/75 Machine Embroidery Needle
  • 2 sheets of Water Soluble Stabilizer
  • Medium Weight Cutaway Stabilizer (optional depending on design)
  • Scrap of Fabric (optional depending on design)
  • Spray Baste Adhesive (optional depending on design)
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Thread(s)


Hoop two layers of water soluble stabilizer. To do this, remove the inner hoop from the outer hoop. Place the stabilizer over the outer hoop. Press the inner hoop over the stabilizer into the outer hoop. Close the hoop clamp and tighten the nut. Gently pull the stabilizer taut.

Install the embroidery hoop in the machine.


If you’re following along on a machine other than the Sparrow X, select a design and arrange the design following your machine’s editing software. Look for designs that say they are Freestanding Lace (FSL) or Freestanding Applique (FSA). We have some ideas below with links to the design.

freestanding lace embroidery

Cardinal ornament(used in video), Feather bookmark, Lace heart.

Open the EverSewn Pro app on your smart device.

Select the Pattern tab. The design we make in the video is a purchased pattern, so it is stored in the My Designs folder.

Select the design. The app takes you to an information page. Click the pencil button in the upper right corner to send it to the editing screen.

If needed, center the design by clicking the “Move” tab in the bottom sliding tray, and then clicking the button with four arrows pointing in towards the center. Finally, click the button in the upper right corner that looks like a sewing machine with an arrow pointing at it to send the design to the machine for stitching.


The cardinal we make in the video is a Freestanding Lace Applique (FSA), so there’s a couple extra steps.

First, cut two pieces of cutaway stabilizer the size of the fabric for the applique. Spray baste the cutaway stabilizers together, and then spray baste the fabric to the cutaway stabilizer.

Next, start the stitchout to lay down the placement stitch. Place the prepared fabric over the placement. Start the stitchout again to make the basting stitch.

Uninstall the hoop and trim the excess fabric and cutaway stabilizer away from around the basting stitches using a pair of fabric scissors. Make sure not to cut through the water soluble stabilizer. Use a piece of tape to pick up any small fuzzy leftovers from the water soluble stabilizer to keep a clean surface for the lace.

Reinstall the embroidery hoop and proceed to the rest of the stitchout.


Press the start button on the front of the machine to begin stitching the design. Follow any thread change prompts from the machine/app until the design is finished.

Finishing Touches

Unhoop the ornament. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the water soluble stabilizer as the temperature and method can differ from product to product. We used a cotton swab with room temperature water to dissolve the stabilizer around the edges of the design, and then sprayed the lace section until it was saturated to dissolve the stabilizer.

Lay flat to dry.

freestanding lace embroidery

Now all you have to do is enjoy your freestanding lace embroidery ornaments!

Click Here to download the written instructions as a PDF

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