Free Tutorial: The Sweetest Little Thread Catcher


Thread catcherHave you been looking for a cute thread catcher? Here’s one that will be your new stitching companion. Teresa Rawson has a wonderfully detailed tutorial on her blog site, Fabric Therapy.

Step by step, she takes you through the process right down to the pleated top and the almost magical twisting motion that pops the container into place.

Twist Thread Catcher

Keep one by your sewing machine, by your quilt frame, and anywhere you love to stitch. Can you imagine what a cute gift this will be for anyone who loves to sew?

Click HERE for the tutorial on Teresa’s blog, Fabric Therapy. And many thanks to her for sharing it!


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Oralene Smith

You referenced the Thread Catcher and the Web Site, but I found it difficult to maneuver around that particular web site, and did not find the referenced tutorial.

Oralene, Try using this link (‚ and then scroll down the page. Should reveal several images of the thread catcher followed with step-by-step images and instructions. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager


+Still not able to connect to link – – – maybe don’t reference a blog unless you give the date – – – can’t find the info…. from AQS newsletter – will report – broken link

Gail, the link appears to be working this morning. Click here:
Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager

Debra Kirchner

Wonderful Thread Vatcher tutorial. You made it very easy to follow. Thank you.