Free Project: You’ve Got My Heart on a String



Get ready for Valentine’s Day with strands of adorable hearts! Perfect for decorating a doorway or adorning a window. Make these fun little hearts in three sizes and fill your home with strands of heartfelt fun!

A special thank you to Emmy Walton for sewing a zillion hearts in three adorable sizes and Lauren McKendree for assembling the heart strings.

by Betsey Langford


Scraps of fabric for hearts

byAnnie’s Soft and Stable Stabilizer

Pink Beads

Pink Crochet Thread

Doll Needle

Heart Templates


  1. Using the templates provided, cut out hearts in all three sizes. Each heart will need a front and a back.
  2. Cut hearts from the stabilizer 1/2″ smaller than the fabric hearts.
  3. Sandwich a stabilizer heart between two fabric hearts and sew around the edge of the heart.
  4. Make as many small, medium, and large hearts as you want for your strands.


Now the fun begins! Using beads and hearts, layout the strands in the order you like.



Using the doll needle and crochet thread, string the hearts and beads. Be sure to knot the thread at the base of each heart and bead. We had to use five knots to keep the beads in place.






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Jacqueline Mahaney

I love bead work. You have my imagination going!