Free Pattern: Square Deal Quilt


Make this easy, fast One Block Quilt entirely with Half Square Triangles!


80″ x 80″

by Betsey Langford

Fabric Requirements:

Light purple – 1/3 yard
Med. light purple – 1 1/4 yards
Purple – 1 1/4 yards
Dark purple – 1 yard
Yellow – 3 1/2 yards
Binding – 1/3 yard

Cutting Instructions:

Cut 11″ squares from the following fabrics:
Light purple – 2
Med. light purple – 10
Purple – 12
Dark purple – 8
Yellow – 32


Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the backside of all the yellow blocks.

For each color, lay an 11″ square on a yellow 11″ square, right sides together.

Sew a 1/4″ seam on each side of the diagonal line.

Cut the one the diagonal line.

Press the half square triangles and trim evenly to 10 1/2″.

Using the diagram above, layout the half square triangles.

Sew the blocks into rows and the rows into a quilt!

Quilt as desired and bind.

Alternate Colorway

Fabric Requirements:

Light Chrysanthemum –  1 yard
Gold Coleus – 3/8 yard
Turquoise Feathers –  3/8 yard
Orange Brassica –  1 yard
Gold Feathers –  3/8 yard
Garnet – 3 1/2 yards
Binding – 1/3 yard

Cutting Instructions:

Cut 11″ squares from the following fabrics:
Light Chrysanthemum – 8
Gold Coleus – 4
Turquoise Feathers –  6
Orange Brassica –  8
Gold Feathers –  6
Garnet – 32

This quilt is a part of our One Block Quilt series. See more of our One Block Quilts here.

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This will be perfect for a quilt for the survivors of hurricane Harvey. Thank you for publishing.

Bonnie Aborne

There is something missing in the pattern, namely the cutting instructions when going to print the pattern.


Print friendly version doesn’t include a picture of the quilt.

Celeste Ward

I made this quilt in about 4 days and it is beautiful. How could I send a photo of the finished project?