Free Pattern: Freedom Eagle


Celebrate freedom with this patriotic bald eagle. Create a wallhanging, pillow runner, or table topper.

Download the instructions.

Download the pattern.

Special Printing Instructions: Be sure to print from the Acrobat Reader. Select Poster and check Cut Marks.


Want to use the same fabrics?

40″ x 22″

Fabric Requirements:

Red – 1/2 yard

White – 2/3 yard

Blue – 1/4 yard

Gold – 1/8 yard

Black – scraps

Background – 2/3 yard

Binding – 1/3 yard

Backing – 2/3 yard


Cutting Instructions:

  • Print and assemble the pattern.
  • Trace the inverse of each pattern piece on freezer paper or a fusible (Steam-A-Seam2) making sure to add a little extra for overlapping areas.
  • Press the freezer paper or fusible to the back of the fabric.
  • Cut out the pieces.
  • Do not cut the background fabric to size until finished.


Trace the full size eagle on clear plastic to make a layout guide.

Using the layout guide, position the pieces on the background fabric and press in place making sure to end with the overlapping pieces.

  • First layer: Red and White Feathers
  • Second layer: Blue Wings
  • Third layer: Blue Body
  • Fourth layer: Gold Feet and Beak
  • Fifth layer: White head
  • Sixth layer: Eye (gold then black)
  • Embroidery: Beak, Eye, Feet, Head, Feather details

Trim the background fabric to 40″ x 22″ or desired size.

Quilt and bind.

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having difficulty figuring out how to print pattern to size

Tried to download the Free Eagle pattern. Both links go only to the pattern of the eagle. Could not get the instructions. My husband and I are both veterans and I would like to try making this.

Allison C Bayer

Thank you for this free pattern of our nation’s symbol!

Jan Vincent

Betty – the two download link above are of the same thing, just the line drawing of the eagle. Please fix and reissue. Thanks.

Both of the links show the eagle only. No instructions; no individual parts pattern

Helga Diggelmann

INstructions link doesn’t appear to be working.


Am I doing something wrong? I get the pattern for both links but no instructions.


FYI: Need to correct your link for instructions for the freedom eagle. The instructions and pattern links have the same file…image of eagle ?.

Cheryl Bird

love the design!

Jan Elm

Thank you for honouring our veterans and this pattern. My husband served in Vietnam and has only dealt what happened there recently. They truly are the heroes in this country. Thank you again.


The Instructions download link brings one to the pattern, not to any additional instructions.


Your instructions link appear to be the same image as the eagle.

Norma Jean C. Phillips

Thank you so much for the pattern. My husband is a deceased veteran of Vietnam! I miss him so!

THANK YOU for such a great pattern for our veterans! My husband served in Vietnam 3 tours; will do this for his office wall, and may do a couple of others for my cousin & friends who also served our country.


Thank you!


I am not seeing the pattern pieces, only the full eagle. What am I doing wrong?

Karen Y Hogan

Thank you for such a wonderful gift of this pattern, I could not get the instructions to come up but I will figure it out I hope for myself. Again this symbol is wonderful.

Judy Young

Thank-you, I am making a quilt of valor for my husband, have others to make, also. This is great and would like to include in one of them.

Becky G

Thank you for the image but my computer uses FoxItReader and not adobe. I do not have “poster” option. I could not get image to print at all. Is this available on an alternate site?


Thank you for remembering the reason this country is great. Lots of little people (pieces) make a big statement. My husband served 35 years retired from Army. We both share a love for this country. Stand together, stand strong and believe.

Pat Morris

The pattern was great.Thank You. Pat Morris

Sandy Mason

I printed out Instructions fine. Can’t figure out how to print the pattern. When I use Poster, it’s 4 pages, 2 blank and only the wing. Also, I don’t think it is opening in Acrobat. That could be the problem, but don’t know how to get that. I was able to put it on Poster, but not the Cut marks or whatever it said. I would love to have this pattern. Love it.

Karen W

For Becky G, if you download the pdf to a thumb drive, you can take it to a print shop & they will print it for you. The fee is not much & the paper they use is heavier, which will hold up to handling much better. This is a large printing to be handled by a home printer. Some shops can offer you a choice in the type & weight of paper used.

Becky G

Thank you to Karen W and Betsey. I downloaded Adobe and was able to print the image. Thank you. Now to put together the “puzzle”, LOL! I really like the suggestion to download to flash drive and take to print shop. I will do that too so I will have a backup copy!

Becky G.

Bobbie Miller

I am like the others. I can access the picture of Eagle in outline but I can not find pattern pieces.

Bobbie Miller

Sorry, I guess I didn’t read the direction well. I now see you have to download, open with Adobe Reader, and when going to print select Post and marks. Just a suggestion, a first page should be added to pdf with attention to printing the pattern in Poster and cut marks.

Thank you!


Thank you for this pattern. A local quilt shop has put out a request for patriotic quilts doe retuning military. This will be perfect