Free Pattern: Baby’s First Christmas


Baby’s First Christmas Quilt

40″ x 40″

Fabric Requirements

Red – 1 1/3 yards

White – 1 1/3 yards

Green – 1/4 yard

Binding – 1/3 yard

Backing – 1 1/2 yard

Cutting Instructions

From the red, cut:

(32) 6 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ squares

Form the white, cut:

(32) 6 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ squares

From the green, cut:

(64) 2″ x 2″ squares


Square Corners

Mark the wrong side of a green 2″ square in half diagonally once. Lay in the corner, right sides together, of a red 6 3/4″ square. Sew on the marked line.


Trim a 1/4″ from sewn line.


Press the corner in place.

Repeat for the opposite diagonal corner. 

Add a green triangle to all of the red 6 3/4″ squares.


Half Square Triangles

Mark the wrong side of the white 6 3/4″ squares in half diagonally once. Lay a marked white square over a red 6 3/4″ square, right sides together, being sure to avoid the green triangle corners. Sew a quarter inch from each side of the marked line. Cut apart on the marked line.

Trim each Half Square Triangle to 5 1/2″ square. Make 64.


Block Assembly

Lay out four Half Square Triangles into a pinwheel. Sew together two at a time. 

Sew the pinwheels into a block. Make 4 blocks.

Sew the four blocks together to complete the quilt top.

Layer top with batting and backing. Quilt as desired and bind.

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I like this. Is very pretty and seems easy to follow instructions.