Kimberly Einmo loves to doodle with her mouse while using Electric Quilt 7, her favorite quilt design software. With nothing more than a vague idea in mind, the click of the mouse conjures up all sorts of potential designs.

While playing with the traditional T block on the design drawing board, Kimberly found an interesting effect when she joined four T blocks and rotated them at consecutive 90 degree angles. Then she placed four of the new, larger blocks side by side. With the addition of large Flying Geese units through the center, she arrived at this original design.

Click here to read more and to download the FREE Fractured Light Pattern by Kimberly Einmo.


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Have used her patterns, really like them! Lynette

Every time I go to download the free patterns from AQS, it tells me: downloading this could harm your computer. Can’t this be fixed?

Jeannie, That message has to do with the settings on your computer. The higher your personal level of protection, the fewer things you are able to download. Our pattern PDFs are safe and you can bypass that message if you feel comfortable doing so. If you don’t want to change your settings or don’t feel comfortable going through with the download, just send me an email and I can get the pattern to your email address or by snail mail. I am happy to assist any time. I will send this pattern to your email address today. Thanks! Sylvia Thomas,… Read more »

marlene fiehrer

could you send the fractured light pattern to my e-mail address? thank you, marlene fiehrer

Hi Marlene, The pattern has been sent to your email address. Sylvia Thomas, Office Administrator