Free Electric Quilt block pattern!


Like so many other quilters, I was tremendously inspired last spring when the American Folk Art Museum exhibited 650 red-and-white American quilts in the Park Avenue Armory, the largest-ever exhibition of quilts in New York City’s history The quilts were on loan from the collection of Joanna S. Rose.

Those fortunate enough to attend the exhibition said it was breathtaking.

As a user of Electric Quilt Company’s EQ7 design software, I decided to design my own red-and-white quilt with all original blocks. This is the first completed block for my quilt, and I’m happy to share the pattern with other EQ7 users.

The block, which I’ve named Gemstone, is sewn in a variety of old and new fabrics. EQ7 users can click on this link to open the PJ7 file, then save it on your computer with your other PJ7 files.

My block size is 12″ square, but you can resize your block in EQ if desired. There are several colorations of the block in the file. If you don’t have EQ software, you can download a .PDF file of the block by clicking this link and enlarge it to any size you wish.


Submitted by Christine N. Brown, Editor-in-Chief, American Quilter magazine

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I went to the download page but it’s not a .pj7 file, it’s a .jpg. Are you going to provide the .pj7 file so that we don’t have to draft it ourselves?


I got the pj7 file. Above it says “There are several colorations of the block in the file.” There is only one block in the file that I download from the above link, with red and white solid colors, not fabrics. Where are the other colorations?
Very pretty block!

Eileen, since this was for a red and white quilt, I only did the alternate colorations in red and white colors (there are three variations). Using fabrics rather than colors would have made the download file an unwieldy size, and some of the fabrics I used were quite old and no longer available. My suggestion would be to scan your own fabrics, import them into EQ7,add the images to your fabric library, and play around with different color arrangements. All instructions for scanning and importing fabrics are in the manual.


Well, duh! I looked at the block and saw a quilt. Therefore, I expected that there would be 3 of them. But since it’s a block, they aren’t there separately, I have to use the arrows to see the different colorations…
I may have to do this as a small quilt–it’s beautiful!

thank you for this great post. this is what I was looking for.

Thank you very much for this. I appreciate it very much…

Gloria boettger

Beautiful. Will have tot try this.

many thanks for your pictures.

Cindy Mueller

Thanks for the free patterns.