Free 10″ Square Precuts Quilt – Aura Gem




To make Aura Gem, we used two Jinny Beyer 10″ Patty Cakes, Sunset and Galaxy, from the Palette collection.

Layout the 10″ squares from both Patty Cakes according to color, then value. Pair them up into sets of two.


Step One: Sew a 1/4″ seam allowance around two 10″ squares that are matched up right sides together.



Step Two: Cut the sewn squares in half diagonally.


Step Three: Cut the sewn square in half diagonally the other way.



Repeat this process for the remaining 40 sets.


Step Four: Press the half square triangles open pressing the seams toward the darker fabric. Each square set makes 4 half square triangles.


Step Five: Cut each half square triangle into three equal pieces. Ours were 2 1/4″ x 6 3/4″ rectangles.


Repeat this process with the 160 half square triangles resulting in 480 rectangles.




Layout the rectangles in rows. Create whatever type of design you like. It is a lot of fun to play with the colors, light, and intensity. We chose the lay all the angles in the same direction. Follow your creative spirit!


Assembly: Once laid out, sew the rectangles into rows. Sew the rows together to assemble the quilt. Our quilt measures 14 rows of 33 rectangles.


Download PDF here.

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Heike Vollmer

Thank you for this amazing Pattern. I just love it.


This is a neat trick but you end up working with all bias edges. The thought of starching them all to help protect them is a bit daunting.

Linda Carlson

I always told my students to ALWAYS spray starch fabrics before cutting to make them behave nicely especially if there will be bias edges. Doing this step after the block or pieced rectangles in this case are pieced, will result in distortion from pressing. I know from experience.

Very interesting design, looking forward to directions.

Anna Hollar

Beautiful fabrics! Very clever concept in cutting! Looking forward to making this quilt!!!!!

Meg Rowland

Great pattern, but the measurements for the half-square triangles being divided into 3 equal pieces don’t add up, so I’m a little confused. The half-square triangles come out to about 6.7″ x 6.7″ squares — so cutting into thirds can’t give you 2-1/2″ strips — more like 2-1/8″ strips. Do you have a photo of your quilt pieces actually stitched together…? I am curious if it really will matter in the final design if the vertical strips don’t line up, when the horizontal rows are stitched together to create vertical columns. The CGI image of the quilt is perfectly aligned… Read more »