Are you a record-keeping quilter? I wish I were. How cool would that be to have a notebook, or a spreadsheet, with every detail of every quilt you’ve made in one neat place? I know quilters who keep track of everything, from each spool of thread and how much they paid for it to how much time (to the minute) they spend working on every quilt. As much as I would love to have that kind of record of my own quilts, I can’t bring myself to take even a few minutes away from my precious quilting time to write everything down and keep it all organized.

That’s why Linda Thielfoldt’s feature “Everyone Should Have a Flux Capacitor” and the accompanying pattern, “My Journal Quilt,” in the February TQL, appeal to me so much. I don’t want to give away the story, because it is so enjoyable you’ll want to read it yourself. But here’s what Linda did: She cut a two-inch square from every fabric she used in every quilt, and she put the squares in a box. For 20 years. Recently Linda organized all the squares and made a very nice, easy bed quilt. The quilt is a journal in disguise, and it has layers of meaning known only to Linda.

Now, that’s something I can wrap my head around. I can cut squares and put them in a box. One day down the road, I’ll be able to make my own journal quilt. And to paraphrase a wonderful quote from Aunt Jane of Kentucky, I’ll shudder to think what that quilt will know about me…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

My Journal Quilt, by Linda Thielfoldt. Photo by Gregory Case


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Joni Wall

What a wonderful idea ! I wish I had done that with my kid’s clothes ( and even a few of my own ! ) Happy New Year, Jan Magee, my friend and to all the readers, wherever you might be !