First in a new fiction series!


Florida resident Charlie Hudson, the author of five novels and three non-fiction books on scuba diving, transports the reader into the small southern town of Wallington, where the residents seem so familiar – could it be your own town, your own quilt guild? Helen Crowder, her quilting guild friends, and their formerly quiet way of life are disrupted when a romantic local journalist turns up dead!

Helen’s daughter, Trisha, has recently moved back to town with her husband Justin, who is new to the local police department. Justin happens upon a resident of Wallington – dead and presumed murdered! The formerly safe and secure town is abuzz and it’s up to Justin to solve the case.

Small Town Lies, also available in audio format on cd, is the first of the Helen Crowder Adventure Series. Watch for Small Town Haven, coming soon!

Click HERE for your copy.

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